How To Choose The Correct Adult Diaper Size

In old age, not being able to do your daily work is very common. Sitting in the same posture for an extended amount of time can get quite boring and even annoying at times. If your loved ones are in this stage, you want to ensure that they are comfortable in their condition. There are numerous factors that affect comfort in old age. As movement becomes difficult in this age, continuously going to the washroom when required becomes difficult; also, elderly people tend to lose bladder control. In such a situation, they use adult diapers to ensure comfort.

Vendors dealing with Medical supplies have a number of adult diaper brands that you can choose from. But, there are many factors to adult diapers that matter when you want to choose the right one. Many times, it so happens that since the adult diaper that is being used is not the right size and can cause leakages. To avoid this, you need to find an adult diaper for your loved one that fits them correctly.

Keep in mind that diaper size is not standard and changes from brand to brand; hence you need to find the right brand and right size. The most important pointer to choosing the right diaper is the correct hip or waist measurement. Of course, there are many more pointers that you need to tend to in order to find the perfect diaper size for your loved ones.

Following are pointers that will help you find the correct adult diaper size: –

  • Usually, people base their adult diaper choice based on the height and weight of the concerned person. This is effective, but to ensure that there are no diaper leakages, you need to inspect a few more things.

  • As mentioned above, the most important factor that determines the correct diaper size is an accurate measurement of the hip or the waist. This measurement differs from situation to situation. For example, the hip or waist measurement will be different if the person wearing the adult diaper mostly spends their time standing or if the person spends most of their time sleeping or sitting.

    1. For someone standing up: if the concerned person is accustomed to standing and spends a lot of their time standing, you will have to measure their hip or waist when they are standing. Measure the hip or waist depending on whichever is larger. Also, remember to place the measuring tape snugly but not too tight to get an accurate measure.
    2. For someone sitting or lying down: for someone that spends most of their time lying down or sitting, measure the length from hip bone to hip bone (in inches). After you get this measurement, multiply it by 2 and add 2 inches to it. For example if the measurement from hip bone to hip bone is 16 inches, the waist size will be 34 inches. I.e. 16*2= 32 and 32 inches + 2 inches = 34 inches. Hence the waist size will be 34”.

  • After you take the necessary measurements and get the adult diaper of your preferred brand based on the waist size measurement taken, inspect by yourself, and also remember to ask the concerned person the following questions:
    1. How does the adult diaper fit the concerned person in the legs?
    2. How much does it overlap on both sides? Is there too much or not enough?
    3. Is it too loose?
    4. the fitting of the adult diaper too tight and uncomfortable?
    5. Does it shift even at the smallest movements from the concerned person?

  • After everything there are a few questions you could inspect to find the perfect and most comfortable brand for your loved ones:
    1. Is the material scratchy and uncomfortable?
    2. Does the material develop a rash on the concerned person’s body?
    3. Is the material too rough?

Taking note of all these points and inspecting and analyzing them properly will give you the perfect adult diaper size for your loved ones. There are a number of brands in which medical equipment is available. Make sure you select the right size and product to ensure the comfort of your loved one.

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