How To Choose An Original Mlb Baseball Jersey In Australia

How To Choose An Original Mlb Baseball Jersey In Australia

When we talk about sports, jerseys have always been an emotion. With this, fans can show their support to their favorite teams. Due to this growing popularity of jerseys, there are various sellers in the market. This can be quite confusing and overwhelming to the buyers. Sometimes you might wonder why one type of MLB baseball jerseys in Australia is very cheap while some can cost hundreds.

This is when you understand that not all jerseys available are real, some are fake. Generally, four types of baseball jersey are available in Australia: 

  • Authentic Baseball Jerseys
  • Replica MLB Jerseys
  • Batting Practice Jerseys
  • Throwback Baseball jerseys 

Now let us look at each one of them: 

Authentic Baseball Jerseys in Australia 

This is the original jersey made by the Majestic. These are similar to what the one’s players wear during the match. These jerseys are more durable than the fake ones as they are made of polyester. You can differentiate between the authentic jerseys and replica jerseys by looking at the back. On the top-center of all the authentic jerseys, an MLB logo will be sewn just below the neckline.

The jerseys are also made of cooling base technology, which helps the players to remain calm even in a hot climate. This is done by using materials that are lighter and offer ventilation. Another way of identifying an authentic jersey is to check if it has a cool base tag. And the most obvious is the price. Authentic jerseys are usually expensive. If you are finding any jersey for a low cost, it should be understood that it is fake. 

Replica MLB Baseball Jerseys in Australia  

If you want to buy a jersey but you are not able to afford it, you can buy the replicas. But you should know that they are less durable, patches and letters are ironed on the jerseys, and they do not contain the MLB logo on the back. The MLB jerseys cost half of the authentic one, and they don’t have much difference unless they looked very carefully. This is okay because authentic or replica, your love for your team is what matters.

Batting Practice Baseball Jerseys in Australia  

The players use these jerseys during practice. These jerseys are plain with a logo on the front. These jerseys are fully licensed and are made up of lightweight polyester. They are very comfortable and are perfect for practice matches. Some of these jerseys also use the cool base technology like the authentic ones. 

Throwback Baseball Jerseys in Australia 

As the name suggests, these are the jerseys that the players used to wear. These are vintage-styled jerseys that keep the past alive. These jerseys keep the old memories of the game living. They have Cooperstown Collection tags sewn in the front. Now that you know the type of jerseys that you can buy. Let’s look at the variety of jerseys you should stay aware of, the fake ones. Before you go jersey shopping, you need to keep these in mind, so you don’t buy a fake one. You will know that the jersey is false when you spot the following.

  • Fake jerseys are made up of inferior materials and stitching.
  • They do not have proper tags.
  • Very low price that speaks of the compromised quality.
  • The jerseys may contain spelling mistakes in the logo.


MLB baseball jerseys in Australia are readily available in shops as well as online and while you’re showing your team pride with your jersey, why not experience the thrill of the game live by securing your MLB All Star Game Tickets? It is always an excellent option to buy the original jersey, counting all its advantages. But if you aren’t willing to spend so much, you can always buy the replica. However, unless you are on a tight budget, it is not wise to purchase fake jerseys because they won’t be worth even a single penny that you spend.

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