How to Choose an Inverter Battery for Your Home

How to Choose an Inverter Battery for Your Home?

The battery industry in India has grown as more people realize the advantage of having an inverter in your home. If you’ve recently installed a solar panel in your home, installing an inverter battery in your home would be a good idea. This will allow you to save the extra charge and use it when there is a power cut.

This article provides basic guidelines for battery selection and is presented as a buying guide.

Buying Guide for Solar Inverter Batteries

If you’ve ever searched “Solar inverter batteries” on Google, you’ll know how many options are available. How do you select one that is perfect for your home?

1. Find a battery

Different solar panels are compatible with different batteries. If you’ve installed a 180W solar panel, you will have to buy a battery that can be charged by the solar panel. If your chosen battery has a higher capacity, all solar energy produced will be directed to the battery. This means you will never have a fully charged battery.

2. Check your budget

Inverter batteries range from ₹6,000 to ₹25,000 – all of which is dependent on the manufacturer. Expensive batteries are not always the best. Therefore, we recommend deciding your budget before finding a battery.

3. Compare the inverter batteries

Different batteries have different features. For example, Exide’s Inva Master Battery can store 150ah power but weighs 6.6Kg. On the other hand, Loom Solar’s Atom Battery can store 1kWh to 2kWh. It also has low self-discharge and low maintenance requirements. Comparing similar batteries will help you find the right inverter battery for your home.

4. Read through reviews

As more Indians realize the advantages of solar power, more people are willing to review on websites and discussion groups. You can find reviews of inverter batteries and other solar products on Quora, Facebook, Amazon, etc. You can also see these reviews on the company’s official website.

5. Read blogs

There are many online blogs available that discuss solar products. You can easily find these blogs by searching simple queries like “inverter battery reviews”. These blogs cover the unbiased comparison between two or more products and also cover the cons of each product. Reading through these blogs will help you form an opinion on the battery you need.

6. Check availability

Different manufacturers provide their products through a different channel. Some like Loom Solar can be bought online, whereas for others you may have to find an offline shop. Depending upon the city you’re living in; check the availability of the battery. We recommend ordering online from the company’s digital store.

To help you find the right battery, here is a list of the best inverter battery manufacturers operating in India.

Top 5 Inverter Battery Manufacturers in India

1. Loom Solar

Loom Solar has headquarters in Faridabad, Haryana. It is India’s leading solar solutions manufacturer. Their flagship product is a residential rooftop solar panel, however, they also manufacture Lithium batteries, solar panels solar wires, etc.

2. Exide Industries

Exide Industries is one of India’s largest storage battery manufacturers. The company’s headquarters are located in Kolkata. Their flagship product is an inverter battery; however, it is specially manufactured for commercial applications.

3. Luminous Batteries

Luminous has headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana. It is one of the most popular brands for inverter and batteries in India and is a top choice for most residential applications. Their other products include fans, modular switches, LEDs, etc.

4. Huawei Solar

Huawei, a Shenzen based company is most well known for its phones, AI and cloud technology. However, Huawei also manufactures solar energy storage systems for both residential and commercial applications.

5. Artheon Electronics

Artheon Electronics is a joint venture with the American company, North Starn Battery Company LLC. The company has a major manufacturing plant in Nasik where most of the inverter batteries are made.and is used for commercial applications like government and office buildings.


If you’re looking for an inverter battery for your home, any of these companies will be able to provide you with an excellent option. However, before you select a Solar inverter or normal, find out which one is compatible with your household needs.

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