How to Build an Eco-Friendly House

How to Build an Eco-Friendly House

The best things are those that come from nature and are environment friendly. Gone are the days when modernization was just fashion and technology. Today, modern are those that bring the best out of Mother Nature. Our surroundings keep on changing, so we should also align with the changing nature of the environment. Well, we are not writing this article on account of environment day, but this article will help you understand how to build an eco-friendly house and that too in your budget.

Being energy-efficient doesn’t only mean that you are cutting the cost, but it also has a great advantage to the environment itself. In addition, you can get the chance to live in a positive atmosphere that keeps you motivated all day long. So, let us show you how easy it is to build an eco-friendly house.

Do Proper Insulation

In any eco-friendly home, insulation plays a vital role. It is the key factor that makes an eco-friendly house. Right cooling and the right heating at the right time are crucial. Windows, roofs, doors, and ductwork should be done in such a way that your house will be good to go in every season. For this, one may use steel buildings or steel sheds, which are corrosion-free and do not heat your house quickly in scorching summers. Metal building homes are in demand nowadays.

Choose the Right Location for Your Sweet Home

Before you buy any place for your dream house, you must select a suitable location to build an eco-friendly home. According to the experts, one should not purchase any house that faces west. Because it always keeps your house cool as exposure to the sun is minimal even on winter days. Another vital point to keep in mind is not buying homes at such places where there are chances of natural calamity like earthquakes, floods, or landslides. Besides that, you need to check a few more common factors like grocery, transportation, and medicines within your reach.

Adopt the 3 R

The 3 “R” are Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. To build a superb eco-friendly house, you should reduce using products or items that are not environmentally friendly. You can use recyclable materials, like metal steel, aluminum, quality wood, etc. Plus, you can reuse the items that are old and have a place in the storeroom. It will not only cut the cost of building a house but also be suitable for environmental cleanliness.

Solar Panels Are Must

We all have read in school that solar energy is a renewable source of energy. Right? So why don’t we make use of it practically? Well, millions of people are making use of Solar panels nowadays. According to the experts, it is 100% sure that solar energy cuts around 30% of power cost and provides you with sustainable energy equipment. Solar energy makes use of sunlight to convert into power through which we can run electronic equipment. You might say that installing solar panels is quite expensive, but that’s a one-time investment only. It will give you cost benefits in the long run.

Here, it is important to note that solar panels should have the proper location to receive maximum sunlight. So, you must choose the location of the house wisely.

RWH (Rainwater Harvesting)

This one is also a prevalent method of saving rainwater, but very few among us use it. RWH is the technique to raise the underground water level using rainwater. This should be planned and constructed at the time of building your house only. Also, you can save the rainwater from being wasted in the drainage. Instead, use that rainwater to water plants and for toilet cleaning purposes.

Use Environmentally Friendly Lights

Nowadays, in most houses, you can see environmentally friendly lights. Thanks to brands like Syska, Philips, and some other LED and CFL light producers. These bulbs and tube lights make lesser use of energy than incandescent yellow light bulbs. LED and CFL are energy-efficient and also cost-saving. Every eco-friendly house should have this.

Efficient and Intelligent Landscape Idea

Ensure keeping good landscaping around your home. Grow trees and do plantations in the southern and western parts of your home. It will keep your house cool on the hot sunny days and cooler in the cool icy winters.

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