How To Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers on Amazon

How To Attract Last Minute Holiday Shoppers on Amazon?

Amazon has something vital to offer for the sellers as well as the buyers. We cannot just buy every desired item during the fresh arrival. But the holiday season will offer greater flexibility in the price of items. Shoppers usually take advantage of the holiday sales and buy in bulks. But it never means sellers will be selling at loss. The items will rather be sold at a reasonable price and it will help clear stocks as well. Sellers will reduce the price to an affordable limit and they will reduce more price only on the items that are getting obsoleted. Seller will try every useful option to allure shoppers and sell more of their items. It is possible when you have a plan for it. It is good to rely on data in the first place and then you can utilize your properly carved strategies in selling. It will be good for you to visit to know more selling tricks in this regard. You can see the data statistics to understand the nature of the market in this regard.

According to Q4 2020 consumer trends report, about 17% of US shoppers said that they are planning to shop during the end of the year. It happens just when shoppers like to send a gift to their loved ones in December or, during New Year celebrations. These shoppers are used to miss prime day sales and cyber Mondays deliberately. Hence a strategy needs to be there for every product you are going to sell at the end of the year. You can consult an Amazon marketing agency in this regard and can also cater to the data you have collected for the year-end sales.

Late Holiday Shopper Will Choose Amazon

Late holidays shoppers are laggards if you define them in terms of shopping categories adopted by the buyers. But it is not bad at all as everything that happens around us creates an opportunity for us for selling. Marketers never think negatively and they always have options to work with. Later holiday shoppers will rush to Amazon during holidays. Why? The answer is simple, Amazon is the only place that will offer them the price range they are looking for. They will love to buy from this platform as it will continue to offer them low-price products.

Sale Strategy – Market Non-Food Gifts on And Off

The strategy that you are suggested to adopt during such a season is offering gift items. Buyers will be looking to buy groceries in bulk to spend holidays without worrying about grocery and this is when you can also streamline your sales. You can do that by offering gifts from non-food items. They will be interested in buying the ketchup that is stapled with the tissue roll.

Late Holiday Shoppers Will Spend a Little Money

It is very much obvious about the holiday shoppers that they are always going to spend a little less money as compared to the normal shoppers. It happens just because of their mindset. They have made their minds to buy items at a lower price during the holiday sale season. They rely on the non-stop offers being offered on Amazon and that’s what makes them keep waiting for the year-end sales. These shoppers are bound to show a lesser amount of bucks during sales. Hence you got to adjust your price for all these buyers.

Sale Strategy – Adjust the Price to A Nominal Level

The sales strategy will always be lowering the price of the items you want to sell during the holiday sales season. Although you cannot afford to lower the price on every item. But it is possible to lower the price on items that are in stock for the last six months. It is good to tell here that you just need to keep an eye on the competitive prices. If they are not lowering beyond a certain then you can also stop your prices at that nominal point.

Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Will Shop For A Few Items

It is very much obvious that last-minute holiday shoppers will not come for that short time to buy in bulk. They are bound to buy for only a few items. They will simply scroll through the sales and discounts and will pick the items offered at the lowest price. The low price items coupled with some wonderful offers like warrantees and free shipping will be the first choice of these entities.

Seller Strategy – Pare Down for Less Popular Goods and Make Sure You Are Prime Eligible

The best thing to do for this class of shoppers, after lowering down the price, is paring down less popular items. You can buy from less popular brands to sell more products during this season. It is also vital for you to be prime eligible as it will ensure swift and at times free shipping.

Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Will Keep Their Gift List Short

As described above, the last-minute holiday shoppers will keep their shopping lists short. Be it is clothing, cosmetics, tech, or gift items. Hence it is necessary to keep an eye on the buying behaviors of these shoppers.

Seller strategy – offer baby and children items

It is a good time to offer baby and children items during this season. People would like to buy low price items for children since they are always going to get useless after some time. You can also cash this opportunity by presenting baby and children items among your product listings.

Bottom Line

Last-minute shoppers have specific buying patterns and as a seller, you need to prepare for those behaviors. It will pay off if you will be able to rely on data and convert your perception into reality. It is good to develop smart strategies for marketing, price, and offers. You can bind the price with offers to make the items look even attractive. It is also good to take care of the brands. You can sell less famous items that are lesser-known but are good in quality.  

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