How Technology Amazingly Helped Me Survive Lockdown

How Technology Amazingly Helped Me Survive Lockdown?

Hi, this is Jacob Smith, and I really want to share my happy experience of survival during lockdown with the help of technology.

The lockdown period made me realize why technology is so important and why it is ubiquitous. Yes, it is important that is why it is omnipresent. Something that helps you so much, so unconditionally and works as a last-minute savior, deserves to be in the discussion. This is why I am eager to tell you my real-life story on how technology helped me a lot to survive the lockdown period safely.

I Am Always Updated and Connected to the World

Initially, I was thinking that it will be so difficult to stay at home I thought it will be a complete disconnection from the outer world but how foolish I was wrong. This cannot happen until the technology is there. After spending first few days in anxiety, I started feeling normal. Why? From the start of the day to the end of the day in some other way, I was connected to the whole world.

Whether it is about watching the news on television, making video calls to my loved ones or working for office, whole day I was connected. Every update was there about whatever is happening on the planet outside my door.

Education of My Children Was Not Hampered

Once again thanks to technology, it is really a big task to keep your little humans stay in touch with their studies. When schools are closed for whatever reason children have all the strong reasons and excuses to stay away from their study and books. It is necessary to give them a smart and enhancing mix of education as well as entertainment. At least in my eyes, this task is not possible without the help of technology.

I have two daughters, bright and quite clever. You really cannot make them study so easily. I used some methods to make my daughters stay in touch with their current year syllabus and fortunately I succeeded due to the smart world we are living in.

  • Free video conferencing tools
  • Educational apps
  • Google learn at home etc. helped me a lot to sit with my little angels and make their lessons interesting as well as enlightening.

My Home Buying Process Was Smooth as Online Mortgage Application Remain Under Process

Yes I was planning to buy a house and I was quite in a promising situation when I applied for the mortgage on 7th of March. I was trying hard to get on the property ladder since January. I arranged somehow the deposit amount and through my fee-free mortgage broker online such as I applied to a lender. We even got the approval but before the final disbursement, the lockdown period announcement was made. I thought that all my hard work was useless and after the stay at home period gets over I have to start from scratch.

Thanks to the advanced and new age mortgage market to keep my application under process. Yes of course the procedure was slow as expected and I have no complaint. At least, I was in the safe zone I just had to submit the latest document to prove my current income status. I am on furloughed income due to which I have to compromise a bit in the loan amount. However, due to staying at home, I was also able to save a considerable amount. When the lockdown period is over I think I will be able to buy my first ever house with less hassle.

I Attained Better Performance in Work

I work with a pharmacy company. We are the suppliers and deliver medicines in big stocks. During the Corona chaos, some of our centers are closed. Due to this, the burden of delivery to a wider range of area in the UK shifted to the other limited centers that are open due to their presence in safe zone. I take care of the sales department, the prime issue for me was to maintain the right type of coordination and connection between all the people included in the delivery of the medicines.

  • Network issues
  • Curfew
  • Health issues of the employees and staff in the field etc. were the prime issues

I had to handle all this mess and provide a precise solution. There was no escape because in that case job loss was almost confirmed. I desperately searched on the internet and found two applications equipped with the smart features of video chat, location detection, data sharing etc. They keep you connected with your colleagues 24×7. I chose one of them and suggested to the management to use it for better communication. Within 2 days we worked on the installation of the application and then we were able to stay in contact and work with better efficiency. It helped me save my job and my capacity to earn bread and butter for my family.


Technology is like an advanced version of God on earth. It fulfills all your demands, helps you in your bad times and entertains in happy days. Coronavirus is intense but technology is stronger in intensity to help people survive and follow their normal routine even when they are at home without any huge loss.

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