How does Bike Insurance contribute to road safety

How does Bike Insurance contribute to road safety?

The public transportation costs and traffic conditions make it challenging to commute. They also result in increased wait time. This has pushed many people to consider buying a vehicle. A motorbike presents itself as the most preferred option as it lets you glide past the busy roads. It is also a comparatively economical choice than automobiles. Despite being convenient, it also involves risks. 

Hence, getting it insured is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act. If you plan to get a new two-wheeler, you must secure it with Bike Insurance. It is an extended requirement to ride the vehicle lawfully. The purpose is to protect you financially during theft, losses, fire, and other mishaps. The insurer pays for the liabilities and damages on your behalf. 

As a result, you drive safely on Indian roads without worrying about financial repercussions. Also, it contributes to road safety in the following ways:

Prevents penalties

This type of General Insurance comes under the mandatory law; it is a legal requirement. You must carry the policy papers as proof when you ride your two-wheeler. Failing to do so attracts a penalty of up to Rs. 2000 or imprisonment of up to three months. Upon a second offense, the fine extends to Rs. 4000. Hence, carrying the policy papers is crucial to avoid such penalties. You may carry the downloaded copy for convenience. 

Offers Roadside Assistance

When traveling on highways or unknown territories, getting immediate help for repairs or accidents is complex. Two Wheeler Insurance providers recognize this and offer a rider that covers roadside assistance. It helps you with towing, minor repairs, fuel emergencies, flat tires, etc. You need not struggle to locate these services as the rider provides the required assistance. The only requirement is intimating the policy provider immediately. 

Extends financial protection

The main goal of getting a 2-Wheeler Insurance is to secure yourself financially. An unexpected mishap, accident, or damage leaves you distressed. Moreover, the consequences can get taxing when a third party is involved. You barely get time to arrange funds to compensate for the losses. Not to mention the legal implications. Getting insured lets you prepare for such instances proactively. 

Compensates accidental injuries

Motor Insurance goes beyond covering damages sustained by a third party. The Liability-only cover is a minimal requirement. If you want extended coverage, you should opt for a Comprehensive Plan. It offers compensation for damages incurred on your vehicle. Besides, you can select a Personal Accident Cover while buying Comprehensive online Bike Insurance. The inclusion covers injuries suffered from the accident. 

Customised coverage

Besides the base plan, policy providers understand the additional coverage requirements. They offer add-ons to address the same. You get to select from Covers for Depreciation, Consumables, Gap Value, Roadside Assistance, Engine Safety, etc. Using these riders lets you customise the coverage suiting your needs. Understand your road safety requirements to plan your online 2-Wheeler Insurance Policy accordingly. 

Stress-free repairs

Getting your vehicle immediately fixed is an important road safety measure. Hence, insurers partner with multiple garages to form a network. They use this to provide cashless assistance. After raising a claim, this facility helps get the repairs settled directly with the garage. You need not go through the hassle of paying for expenses and waiting for reimbursement. 

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