Guide to Lost Car Ownership in Ontario

Owning a vehicle is a big step for many new and independent buyers. Whether the car you buy is new or has already been used, you become the official car owner once you pay for it and complete the necessary documentation.

Even if all the ownership papers are ready, the vehicle is registered under your name, and you have the capital asset in your possession, it’s not truly yours unless you have the vehicle title. In this article, you will learn exactly what to do when you’ve lost ownership of car Ontario.

To start, your vehicle title or vehicle permit provides you with proof of ownership, and you’ll need it for several reasons and occasions, especially if you plan to sell your car at some point in the future.

Needless to say, the documentation is a critical piece of the picture that you need to keep safe at all times so that when the credibility of your car ownership is in question, you have substantial proof for it.

Further, there can always be a situation where you wish to transfer ownership when you sell or buy a car. You’ll also need to transfer the ownership of your vehicle when you present it to someone as a gift. However, the utmost need for the same arises when your car gets damaged or lost.

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Vehicle ownership in Ontario

The piece of green paper provided by the provincial government is commonly associated with vehicle ownership in Ontario. The same is known as the vehicle permit or the vehicle title. You receive it when you purchase a car from a dealer. Moreover, you can also transfer ownership when you acquire a car from a private seller or an individual.

The vehicle permit/vehicle title includes the following information:

The vehicle’s V.I.N.

The Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) is your car’s unique identification number. It may be used to trace the ownership of a vehicle, as well as accidents and repair and maintenance information. The make and model information includes the unit’s manufacture year and additional information regarding any upgrades or special engine options.

Permit number

This is used as an administrative tracking tool for locating your car in case it gets stolen.

Date the title was issued

This one is extremely important with regards to lost car ownership Ontario, as it identifies when you bought the vehicle, i.e., acquired its ownership.

License plate

This is the vehicle’s plate number when the vehicle title and proof of ownership were issued.

Full name and address of the owner

A vehicle permit also includes the car owner’s full name and address.

Lost car ownership Ontario

If you lose, damage, or get robbed of your vehicle permit, you will have to submit an application to the relevant authorities. The application will have the vehicle title reissued and help make changes to your vehicle information, such as the status of your plate.

In the case of a stolen declaration, you will need to notify the local authorities. Visit your local police precinct for the same. Alternatively, you can include the occurrence number on the form if you already have a telephone or online report with you.

Also, note that you’ll be required to bring in different documents depending on the information you are changing. Therefore, make sure to research what kind of documents will be relevant for each case.


There are actually no overhanging charges for a simple change or correction in your vehicle permit as long as you present the current original permit. However, this is not the case for a vehicle ownership replacement.

You can easily get your lost, damaged, or stolen papers replaced by paying a flat fee of $32. You will need an identification document, your driver’s license, and proof of insurance to complete the process. Moreover, you can acquire your new ownership quicker if you provide all of the required documentation with your application itself.

How to go about it?

If you’ve lost your ownership, you can apply for a new one from your local Ministry of Transportation Office. Simply copy the Vehicle Identification Number from your vehicle and submit it to the Ministry of Transportation Office. Next, they provide you with the necessary application forms required to obtain replacement ownership.

The entire application process, along with the corrections and replacements you need, will also demand some additional documents and application forms. It may include:

  • Original copy of vehicle manufacturer’s warranty
  • A copy of the invoice from the manufacturer
  • Original or copy of the bill/ certificate of sale you received from the dealer of your vehicle
  • A letter from an authorized dealer to verify the vehicle registration number of the car
  • A copy of the certificate of title/ certificate of origin
  • A copy of the new vehicle information statement

Generally, the entire process takes less than two weeks. However, the possibility of additional factors affecting the duration cannot be ruled out. Nevertheless, you will have to collect your vehicle permit in person after its issue.

Also, keep in mind that although the regulations slightly vary from province to province, you can’t apply for or transfer your title online in most cases. Moreover, you need to arrive in person at the provisional center to execute the process.


Whether it’s Ontario or some other province in Canada, the procedure they employ for changing or transferring your ownership is more or less the same. However, the same may seem exhausting and daunting without prior knowledge of how things work.

If you’ve lost car ownership in Ontario, you can simply go to the nearest Municipal Transportation Office or faculty to have your ownership problems dealt with. All you need is the details of your vehicle, and you can quickly obtain replacement ownership. Contact your local transportation authority if you still have questions about how you can get your Ontario lost car ownership.

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