Gin Tasting

Gin Tasting: Learn to Do It Like a Professional

If you have been to a gin tasting before, you must have noticed the handful of unspoken rules that everyone tries to follow. And, if you have never experienced such a tasting before but wish to learn some facts, this article will help you in your endeavour. By getting insight into gin tasting etiquette tips, you can grow a proper tasting habit. Besides, you will be more informed than your fellow tasters during a tasting session.

Mentioned below are some tips to remember when you are getting ready for your next tasting session.

Leave Out the Ice, Tonic and Garnish

Even though people hardly ever consume gin neat, if you want to develop your “gin palate”, taste the spirit on its own. You can always add the garnishes when you are drinking for fun, but try to stay away from them while tasting.

Smell the Gin

The glass of gin kept in front of you is welcoming you to take the first sip. But, take a note of its unique smell before you let your taste buds enjoy the drink. This practice is helpful because tasting gin involves the role of more than one sense organ. To ensure that you delight every aspect of the drink’s make, you are required to use your sense of taste and smell. Therefore, a balloon glass or a Copa de Balon glass with its bulbous shape, which permits improved air circulation, is perfect for the purpose. This air circulation helps you pick up on several notes more conveniently. 

So, swirl the gin in the glass to release the aromas, then bring the glass close to your nose and take a long breath. Here, you have to keep in mind that gin tasting is a work of pure artistry. Be careful not to give a big sniff as the smell of the alcohol may overpower the aromas. Therefore, breath gently.

Wet Your Palm

When you have breathed in from the glass, it is time to moisten your hands. For this, place a palm over the glass’ top to cover it completely, and tip it upside down so that it dampens your palm. Now, rub your hands, cup them together and sniff the gin on your hands. This time, you may perceive other notes than what you had encountered initially.

Avoid Gulping It Down

Tasting is about taking several sips rather than long gulps and swishing around the drink in your mouth for some time. It lets your taste buds savour the drink’s flavour and experience the various taste elements like liquorice, cinnamon, citrus or herbs. Post swallowing, try to understand which flavour stays.

Clean Your Palate

To switch between gins, clean your palette by sipping water. But, you may also sniff or sip cold coffee to ensure that your nasal passages are sensitive to the aromas.

Pairings Are Okay Now

Now that you have had a taste of neat gin, you can spice it up with garnishes and some tonic you think would be apt to enhance the flavours and notes of the drink. 

You have learned the fundamentals of gin tasting, you may confidently immerse yourself in action without having to copy your neighbours. Very soon, you will turn into an expert and will be able to train your friends in this magical art. 

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