Getting the Right Laptop Tailored for Your Needs

Getting the Right Laptop Tailored for Your Needs

If you are a busy person and have many things to do, then portability is one thing you will have to go for, especially when it comes to your work. Amidst the pandemic, some people may be forced to stay in their homes because of the health safety protocols given to them, depending on where they live. If this is the case for you, then chances are your company or the place you are working for has probably changed your working conditions and is now making it home-based, and if it is, you are most likely going to need a computer for you to do it.

As was said before, if you are looking for portability since you are very busy, then you should opt for a laptop instead of a desktop computer. If you do not have the funds right now to buy one, you can always rent a laptop instead. But choosing the right laptop can sometimes be daunting, especially if you are not a tech-savvy person. If so, then here are some useful tips you need to get the right laptop for yourself.

Choosing your OS or operating system

When you are going to buy or rent a laptop, one of the things you will encounter would be the OS of the laptop. Choosing the right OS for yourself can be difficult if you do not know much of the difference. Laptops OS will most likely have a Window, MacOS, or Chrome OS in them. Windows would probably be the most flexible among the three. The latest version, which is Windows 10, is the one that is being used in laptops that can also be a tablet since it can go from laptop mode to tablet mode and vice-versa. It now also has a digital assistant called Cortana. If you like playing games on your laptop, then Windows 10 is the best OS for you.

MacOS is similar to Windows, but instead of the taskbar, it has an apps dock, and its digital assistant is called Siri. Apple pay can also be transacted with them, and if you have an Apple Watch, you can unlock your laptop with it. If you are a fan of the products of Apple, then opt for this OS instead. Chrome OS can be found in Chromebooks and is much simpler and secure, but it is also limited. If you just want to surf social networks, chat, and check your email, this one’s for you. They are cheaper and have good battery life. Chromebooks are also hard to infect with malware, making them ideal for children.

The right specs for you

Intel i5 is great if you just want a mainstream laptop. Anything higher is great but can be expensive. Intel i3 is a step below in performance in i5 but is less expensive. Intel Pentium and Celeron are probably the cheapest but have the slowest performance. They are best for casual document editing and web surfing. AMD Ryzen 4000 and 5000 are similar to Intel i5 and i7, and AMD A, FX, or E series are low cost but low performance, making them good for web surfing and productivity. A good RAM will be 8GB if you are on a budget. 16GB is the most ideal, but anything below 8GB would be slow in performance.

Consider a large storage drive if you need a lot of work to be saved or apps you need to use. Graphics chips are great for gaming or high-resolution editing, but you can go without them if you do not do these things. Lastly, always consider the battery life of your laptop. If you are always busy, then a battery life of 7 hours would be great.

With the pandemic still around, home-based work will be common, and laptops will become a necessity. If you are doing home-based work, then consider these tips before getting a laptop. It will help you get the right laptop you need for yourself and your budget.

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