Get Connected Find Phone, Internet, and Cable TV Near You

Get Connected: Find Phone, Internet, and Cable TV Near You

Bundling phone, internet, and cable saves money and is a convenient way to have all the services with one company under the same contract. Each family has unique needs, but thankfully a wide array of services and providers can offer the perfect bundle for you. Whether you just moved or want to switch or add services, learn more about finding bundled services near you.

Advantages of Bundling Services

Providers commonly combine internet and TV services, as well as home phone and sometimes even cell phone services. Bundling is a convenient way to shop for, install, and pay for services. Monthly bills for each service can be about $10 lower each month. Providers also may provide additional benefits like free installation and periodic equipment upgrades. Savings and available services will vary depending on the provider and the service options you choose.

Types of Packages Available

Customers seeking the most significant monthly savings will want to consider a triple bundle with internet, TV, and phone service. Double bundles offering internet and TV also provide discounts and convenience. Some families may also seek a double bundle that offers internet and home phone service.

Service providers offer a variety of options with bundles, allowing families to build a package that meets everyone’s needs. Heavy internet users may want the fastest speed available but decide a more basic cable package meets their needs.

Finding the Best Provider for your Needs

Knowing your family’s needs before shopping will save time and ensure you get the services you need while saving money. Weigh the pros and cons and make sure the services you’re considering will fit your usage.

For all bundles, look at whether they require a contract or if the price will increase several months or years after beginning the service. Some people may prefer no-contract options that allow you to cancel without penalty. No-contract options may offer a wide variety of options and services, but the monthly cost could be higher, and there could be an activation fee. Many providers offer a better deal for those who sign up for autopay and paperless billing. Self-install options are possible money-savers, and free activation may be available as well.

Consider internet speeds and any data caps or slowdown in service after meeting a certain data threshold. Look into equipment leasing fees or purchase amounts, as well as if upgrades are provided. TV channel counts and premium channel availability also need to be considered. Like internet service, look at equipment leasing fees or purchase prices. Special add-ons like sports or movie packages may be available for an attractive rate. Home phone service can be basic or include features such as unlimited long distance, caller ID, and call waiting. Some providers can also bundle cell phone service with internet and TV services.

Once you’ve explored the internet, cable, and phone bundles and decided on the service options and features that are important to your family, you should call Optimum┬áto finalize the details of your new packaged service.

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