Genetic Disorders & Infertility in Men

Genetic Disorders & Infertility in Men

Male fertility is one of the major concerns of governments around the world. The population growth has slowed down in many first-world countries, and in some, the decline in the rate is scary.

There are some other reasons, like youngsters opting to remain single and the rise of working-class women choosing to delay pregnancy. But, the demand for male infertility treatment is rising every year, and the reasons are quite clear.

One of the major reasons for infertility is the rise in genetic disorders among young men. The number of cases is rising at an alarming rate, and scientists are pointing out the bad lifestyle and unhealthy food consumption. Family background also plays an important part in this condition.

The genetic disorders that cause male infertility are

Klinefelter Syndrome: This syndrome happens when the man has an extra X chromosome. Then the combination of the chromosome when the sperm meets the ovum will be XXY instead of XY. This makes it impossible to have kids.

Cystic Fibrosis Gene Mutation: This condition is seen in one in three thousand men of caucasian ethnicity. Men with this condition usually don’t have a vas deferens, a tube that carries sperm from testicles to the urethra.

Y Chromosome Microdeletion: In this condition, a portion of the Y chromosome will be missing. It is a condition that will pass on to male children even if they have children via assisted reproductive technology.

Other Chromosomal Issues: The chromosome can be affected by various changes around the person’s environment, food, and health condition.

There are many unexplained infertility issues and repeated miscarriages too. Experts worldwide are yet to figure out many genetic disorders that cause infertility, but they have solved many prevalent issues as well.

There are many assisted reproductive technologies and male infertility treatments available as per the individual requirement, and there is a good chance of success.

What do the experts say about fertility issues, and how can one naturally improve their fertility?

One can improve their fertility by following the below-mentioned points

Good diet

An apple a day keeps a doctor away, and a good diet every day keeps the urologist away. A good diet with fiber, good cholesterol, and protein will boost sperm count and mobility.

You need to remember that the vegetables and fruits you consume are full of insecticides and pesticides. Consuming them without thorough washing can affect your child’s genetics.

Many cases of miscarriages are because of these genetic changes and chemical influence. Though the studies/research on these issues is in its development stage, you must be careful about what you consume daily.

Regular exercise and a good lifestyle

If you are a person who works out regularly or does physical activities daily and has a stress-free life, you are already helping in improving fertility. A fit and healthy body will produce more sperm. The improved metabolism and blood flow help the body make healthy sperm with high mobility.

Quitting bad habits

Bad habits like alcohol, drug abuse, tobacco, and excess caffeine can hurt fertility. Some of these habits decrease the sperm count, and some reduce the quality of the sperm.

The highest number of infertility issues are because of these bad habits, and some can be cured by following a good lifestyle, and some will require medical assistance.

A healthy lifestyle will help you avoid a male infertility treatment. And when that’s not enough, you can also seek assistance from the experts.

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