Garlic Tea for diabetic patients - What are the pros and cons

Garlic Tea for diabetic patients – What are the pros and cons?

Garlic tea is a remedy to manage blood sugar levels in the body with people who have diabetes. Garlic contains high nutrients and has been used for ages because of its medicinal properties. If you are a diabetic person and loves tea, then garlic tea is a suitable option. Garlic tea is said to be extremely good for overall health.  

Is diabetes curable? Unfortunately, there is still no cure for diabetes but the symptoms can be controlled by opting for a healthy diet plan and active lifestyle. 

Garlic tea is a herbal tea made of garlic, honey, and lemon. Garlic tea is also advantageous for people with infections and diseases. Let’s get to learn a little about garlic. 


Garlic is a plant that is native to Central Asia. It is used for several types of health treatments worldwide. It is available in many forms such as oil, powder, raw garlic, and supplements. You may choose to consume garlic on your preference and taste. In India, garlic is used in most curries and soups. It’s called “Lehsun” in the Hindi language. Garlic can be consumed with warm water on an empty stomach. Garlic tea is an Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in India suggested by many experts. 

If you’re a person with health conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure, then you must consume garlic tea on an everyday basis. There are various ways to make garlic tea but the main ingredients remain to be lemon, honey, water and garlic. 

Garlic tea contains no amount of caffeine which is best suited for people who are recommended to avoid caffeine in their beverages. Garlic tea is very simple to be made at home and the ingredients are readily available in the local market. To add more flavor to the tea, you may add ginger and cinnamon. Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

Garlic tea is mostly preferred by people to be consumed during the winters. If tea is something you have been suggested to avoid, then garlic tea is the best option for you. Garlic tea is immensely beneficial for overall health and boosts the immune system. It also increases metabolism and energy levels. 

Garlic tea is strongly recommended for individuals with type 2 diabetes.  

Recipe of Garlic Tea:

  1. Boil a cup of water in a pan. Add grated ginger, 1 tsp of crushed garlic and some black pepper.
  2. Let the water and ingredients boil for sometime so that the flavor gets mixed properly.
  3. Switch off the gas after 5 minutes. Strain the tea and have it hot.
  4. You may add lemon, cinnamon and some honey to enrich the taste of the garlic tea. (optional)

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in India ranges from herbal medications such as consumption of garlic, fenugreek, neem, jamun and giloy. All these ingredients can help reverse diabetes.  

Pros of Garlic Tea for diabetic patients:

  • It helps improve cardiovascular health.
  • It helps keep blood pressure in control.
  • In people with diabetes, it helps lower blood sugar levels. 
  • Garlic contains Vitamin C which eventually keeps the organs healthy and functioning.
  • Garlic helps in regulating blood glucose levels and also lowers the risk of any complications caused due to diabetes. 
  • Amino acid homocysteine is a huge risk for diabetes. Garlic tea lowers the risk of this too.
  • Garlic is a powerful antibiotic that boosts immunity and improves overall health. 
  • Diabetes can cause easy bruising and inflammation. Consuming garlic tea will help fight this sort of inflammation.
  • Garlic tea also lowers the level of cholesterol.
  • It is a healthy substitute for a normal tea to keep blood sugar and blood pressure in check. 

Coming onto the cons of garlic tea for diabetic patients, even Google seems to be unaware of any such side effects of ginger due to its medicinal properties. In my 4 years of experience as a dietitian, garlic has overall boosts the immunity in diabetic patients keeping blood sugar levels in control. I am not saying, it will cure diabetes completely but hopefully helps to manage blood glucose and blood pressure in check. 

Is diabetes curable? Answering this question again in loud and clear language, there is no cure for diabetes yet but researchers are working day and night to help put people with diabetes into remission.  

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