Four Non-Designing Career Options In Fashion Industry

Four Non-Designing Career Options In Fashion Industry

If you have a kinship with magazines like Vogue and GQ and closely follow Melbourne Fashion Week – you belong to the world of fashion! Earlier, if you wanted to carve your space in the fashion industry, you needed a fashion degree. You had to prove your worth as a creative genius with a flair for designing.

But times have changed, now. The industry has evolved, allowing several other career paths to open up. If you are a fashion enthusiast without an affinity for sewing and stitching, here are four non-designing careers for you!

1. Make-up artist

Much like designing, make-up is like a creative art form-a way of self-expression. And if you are a person who loves fashion for make-up senses then you can try this career.

People will happily take you up on it if you have skills, desire, and love for make-up. Everyone loves splurging money if it makes them look good.

This particular field gives you ample space to honor your artistic skills but also pays decently. With the right contacts, you can tie up with designers and magazines, helping you to step up the ladder of fame, too!

2. Fashion Marketer

If you have or consider having a degree in marketing or advertising, this role is perfect for you!

Fashion marketing would allow you to learn better about the needs, desires, and perceptions of different demographics towards the ongoing trends. It would prompt you to determine the image you must promote the company.

Any company involved in the fashion business would seek a marketing manager to help them plan a featured campaign for the target market. It’s your way to sink your nails deep in the fashion industry and learn better about the trends while helping a fashion business grow!

3. Fashion Influencer

In the Instagram-first world, being an influencer is perhaps the top career option for most Gen Z. If social media is your home, you can click decent photographs, and you trust your fashion sense; this is it for you!

The global market size of influencers is always on the rise. In 2021, the market’s value was at a record $13.8 billion. Clearly, there are ample opportunities here.

All you need to do is discover who your audience is. Work on your niche content. And create your public image. Create content that caters to the target audience, engaging them in your fashion journey.

As you grow big on social media, the chances are that brands would want to collaborate with you, too! There is no need for a fashion degree to become a fashion influencer. Keep up with trends and dish out some eye-catchy content!

4. Fashion Buyer

As the name suggests, a fashion buyer does all the sourcing and purchasing of stock before the next fashion season arrives.

A fashion buyer is essentially a people’s person – contacting sellers and negotiating price and delivery. Moreover, you need to have a strong sense of trends that may come in the foreseeable future. Not only that, a clear understanding of classic pieces of your company is essential too.

A degree in fashion merchandising, a sense of good decision making, and a penchant for shopping are all you would need!

Final Words

The fashion industry is humongous and set to grow even more with time. There is absolutely no dearth of opportunities in the business. Look for changes in discreet places awaiting you.

If you are determined to chalk an unconventional career path for yourself, then your passion will take you places!

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