Formal Shirts for Women The Right Style and Fit

Formal Shirts for Women: The Right Style and Fit

Well-fitting formal shirts for women can make you look polished and professional and are great additions to your work wardrobe. As women’s tops come in different shapes and forms, this article will help you to get a proper formal shirt and make a powerful statement by being immaculately dressed. 

What is a Formal Shirt? 

A formal shirt is a long-sleeved, collared shirt with buttons down the entire length of the front.  It is typically made from fine cotton fabric and has a more tailored fit than a standard button-up shirt.

Details like the collar and cuffs play an important role in the appearance of the formal shirt. The collar of this type of shirt is always crisp and firm. 

Cuffs can be either single or double cuffs. A single cuff is either a simple barrel cuff with buttons or a convertible cuff that also has a cufflink option besides buttons.

A double cuff, also known as the French cuff is the dressiest option. French cuffs are namely double-length cuffs that are turned back and fastened with cufflinks that add a large dose of charm and sophistication to any outfit. 

Formal shirts for women come in a variety of colors and patterns. However, the white shirt will probably always be the most popular choice, followed by other versatile and conservative colors like light blue and pink. 

Getting the Fit Right

Slim or fitted fit is the best option for women’s formal shirts. Fitted shirts follow the contours of your figure and are guaranteed to make you look sleek and smart. 

It is important to remember that a fitted fit does not mean a tight fit. A perfect formal shirt should fit snugly against your body without being neither too tight nor too loose. If the shirt is too loose, it will not look as polished and may bunch up or hang awkwardly. If the shirt is too tight, the buttons will most probably be gaping and you will feel uncomfortable. 

When buying a women’s formal shirt, small, medium, and large isn’t nearly enough. These shirts are measured much more accurately to ensure a perfect fit. 

There are three main measurements to consider when looking for a perfect-fitting formal shirt are bust, waist, and hips size. It would also be beneficial to know your ideal sleeve length.

Getting the Fit Right Women Shirts

What to Wear With a Formal Shirt?

A women’s formal shirt is a key item in anyone’s wardrobe who wants to look sleek and smart. It is a perfect garment for a multitude of occasions from an ordinary day in the office to an important meeting with a client.

Formal shirts for women work perfectly with other formal garments like a pencil skirt or tailored pants. They can be paired with women’s suits of different styles and colors and add class and elegance to your look. If, on the other hand, you wish to take the formality down a notch, you can combine your shirt with a sweater or a cardigan.

However, you can also wear your formal shirt at the weekend if you wish to dress up a pair of jeans. 

The Best Formal Shirts for Women

If you are looking to buy an immaculate formal shirt, we recommend that you give Ella Hopfeldt’s women’s shirts a try. These shirts excel in quality and comfort but the most noteworthy element about them is the fit. 

Ella Hopfeldt offers fitted formal shirts for women of different body shapes. When shopping for their shirts, it is important to first determine the shirt fit that is right for your height and your body shape and then pick the right size. As mentioned earlier, knowing your measurements is imperative for getting a perfectly fitting shirt. Measure yourself and then compare your measurement to the size charts to get the shirt that complements your physique in all the right places. 

If you get the fit and size right, you are always tastefully and elegantly dressed in everyday business, on special occasions, and also in your free time. 

In Conclusion

With the right style and fit, a formal shirt can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You will always feel well-dressed in your shirt, however, you choose to wear it. 

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