Five Important Dos and Don'ts of Skincare

Five Important Dos and Don’ts of Skincare

We don’t realize how many wrong things we do every day when it comes to our skin. At the same time, most of us ignore things that we should be doing every day. For example, some people don’t ever exfoliate and some of us exfoliate way too much. These things make skin weak, vulnerable, and old. Since there is no replacement for skin, we have to do our best for it. Here are some important dos and don’ts of skincare you should know. 

Do Wear Sunscreen Everyday

Sun rays are not your friend. They are destroying the environment and they destroy our skins. Since the ozone layer is no longer as strong as it used to be, we have to use sunscreen to protect our skins from dangerous UV rays. Get Korean sunscreen and apply it every time you are going out. Not only will stay safe from the sun, but your skin will also have the necessary nutrients to make it healthy. This should be a part of your regular routine so you don’t forget it even once. 

Don’t Avoid Night’s Sleep

Many of us underestimate the sleep of nighttime. For some reason, it is considered cool to stay up all night and then sleep in the daytime. Some proudly tell that they were up all night and came to work or school without any sleep. It destroys your health and causes premature aging of the skin. Expensive beauty products can’t help you if you don’t sleep enough. 

Do Exercise Every Morning

Exercise also helps skin exfoliate. When you sweat, many toxins come out naturally and the skin gets to breathe properly. You will notice that your skin also gets healthier when you exercise every day. Try to get up early in the morning and hit the gym. If you can’t go to the gym, go for a run. This will keep you young even at an old age. 

Don’t Wear too Much Makeup

You should focus on your natural beauty instead of wearing makeup every day. You might look better temporarily, but that’s not who you are. You are what is under that makeup. This temporary beauty hurts your skin in the long term. You will look older at a young age if you keep wearing makeup. One very serious mistake is going to sleep with makeup on. Make sure you always wash your face with a good quality face wash designed for your skin type before you go to sleep. 

Do Follow a Skincare Routine

Everyone needs a good skincare routine. Just applying a beauty cream before you leave for work is not enough. You have to design a routine according to your skin type and follow it every day in your life. You should know your skin type and any issues you might have. Your routine should include a facewash to control acne or oil and apply a moisturizer every day before going to sleep. You will also have to control what you eat and drink. Oily, fried, and sweet foods don’t help to improve the skin. 

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