Five Creative Interior Design Ideas for Your Nail Salon

Five Creative Interior Design Ideas for Your Nail Salon

Congratulations on your decision to start a nail salon! Once you’ve found the perfect place and are done with the paperwork the next focus will be on how your nail salon should look like. While designing a nail salon is an interesting exercise, it is important that as a business owner you have a clear idea of what is your brand’s message. Interior design is a visual communication tool and therefore much thought should be given on it. Listed below are some creative design ideas that you could consider for your new nail salon.

Select your Mood

This is where you set the theme of your nail salon. Bold, Luxurious, Modern, Grunge, Secret Garden, etc. The idea behind the theme should be that it gets your customers talking and gives them a feel for entering a different space. Clients often love salons with strong themes. A strong theme can be a game-changer for a small space, and make customers ignore the space constraints. The beauty industry knows that a visual gimmick can and does work wonders. Once the theme is selected, go the entire mile to match everything with the theme. The last thing you want is a half-baked job, which leaves everyone on the premises confused. Your goal is to have a space that is coherent in design and complementing furniture.

Have a statement décor piece

Creating a focal point by having a statement piece in your salon works well. It can be created by pedicure chairs, manicure tables, a nail color rack, waiting area seating arrangement, or anything else. Needless to state that your statement piece must be in line with the theme of your salon. Sometimes, a poster or a mirror can also be used as a statement décor piece to draw the focus of your clients. Essentially your theme and your statement piece should be in harmony and communicate your vision for your business.

Smart utilization of space

Space is a precious commodity. Therefore, it is important that the interiors utilize the space well. Consider having your shelves and cabinets on some walls, instead of the ground. Shelves designed in geometric patterns, particularly a hexagonal honeycomb easily breaks the monotony of the walls. Use a wall or two as the backdrop to take pictures of your work, and shoot reels featuring either your customers or your staff. Essentially this wall can be your in-house studio. Do away with the front desk and deploy automated check-in using a state of the art salon management software. A digital receptionist such as Zenoti’s salon management software will take almost no space and allow your customers to have a modern experience. Your walls are your canvas. One wall with textured finish or patterns can also help accentuate the interiors.


Select mood lighting, which goes with your theme and accentuates your interiors by drawing customer’s attention. For instance, hanging lamps should be avoided for small spaces and wall-mounted lights are better. You could also consider statement lighting for your ceiling, which gives a dramatic effect. Care must be taken that there is adequate lighting for your staff to work on the nails, but not strong enough to irritate the customer’s eyes. For small spaces, strategic use of light and mirrors can work wonders to create the illusion of a bigger space. Here again, the key is to have adequate and proper lighting, neither go overboard nor skimp on it.

Pick your colors wisely

Here again, the colors of your salon must go with the theme. However, utmost care must be taken that the color palette doesn’t run into many shades as that would end up creating a hodgepodge and confusion. For example, if you’re creating a chic space use vibrant shades. Use optical illusion to your advantage and enhance your space with the same colored walls and floors. Consider color-coding shelves to give an orderly appeal. Vertical stripes will make your space look wider.

Creating salon designs, need a lot of thought, and rightly so. The final product must be absolutely spellbinding on your client and create a lasting impression. Using technology will help you eliminate processes, which take unnecessary space (read: a front desk). Zenoti’s salon management software is a great digital assistant, which can perform all administrative tasks, and allow you to focus on customer service, your passion for art, and marketing. Try it today!

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