File Management 101 The Basic Online Tools of GogoPDF to Handle Electronic Files

File Management 101: The Basic Online Tools of GogoPDF to Handle Electronic Files

Many people still do have some struggles with electronic file management. Even with technological advancement, some may always find it challenging without using the right set of file tools. Don’t worry because the GogoPDF platform is now available online to give you all of the necessary tools you need for your electronic files.

GogoPDF is a website that comes with various helpful web-based file tools that you can access and use for free. Here are a few of those tools below, and check the full details of how you can use each one of them to help you with your electronic file management and organization. 

Unlock PDF Tool Online

Your PDF files might have valuable and confidential information. That’s why you set up a password for them to limit file access and use. However, if some of your passworded files only contain general and basic details and information, you might consider decrypting them. If so, you can always unlock PDF online using the GogoPDF platform. 

You only have to get your encrypted PDFs uploaded on the online tool of GogoPDF. Then, just wait for a couple of minutes as the tool initiates taking out the password or start the entire decrypting process. After that, you can have the new password-free PDF files downloaded to your device’s file drive. That’s how fast it is to unlock PDF files with GogoPDF. 

PDF Password Protect

If GogoPDF has an online tool to remove a password in encrypted PDF files, it also has one that you can access and use for free to set up a password for your important PDF files. You also need to upload your PDFs on the password protection tool of GogoPDF on its website. Then, you need to create a customized and secure password. 

You can combine different numbers, capital and small letters, and some symbols you want to add. Always make sure that the password is secure, strong, and not easy to decipher for people trying to open and access your PDFs without your authorization. After that, you can now have the newly encrypted PDF files on your smartphone or computer file drive. That’s the simplest method of setting up a password in your PDF files in GogoPDF. 

Electronic File Converter

Another helpful and sought-after online tool of GogoPDF is the electronic file converter that allows you to transform your existing files into other file formats you need to accomplish a task or complete a project. If you have PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents, you can convert them to PDF format so that the entire design and layout won’t change even if you view and open them using other devices and operating systems. 

If you have some PDFs that you plan to store in your computer or smartphone file storage for many years, you can use the PDF to PDF/A converter of GogoPDF so that it’ll preserve the overall quality of your files. Besides that, files in HTML and JPG are also convertible to PDF. You can further check the GogoPDF website to see other file formats that are available for free conversion. 

PDF Merger

PDF merger is another in-demand online tool of GogoPDF that many people use for efficient file organization. Having well-organized computer file folders will significantly contribute to your work productivity. Otherwise, it might take you a long time before you can locate and retrieve a particular PDF file you need. 

The PDF merger of GogoPDF will let you combine multiple PDF documents and make them in a single PDF file. That’s why you can merge those PDFs you commonly access when you deal with a particular project or task. You can unify multiple PDF files that serve the same purpose or come from the same source. 

By merging your PDF files, you can organize them in your computer file folders properly and effectively. Hence, the next time you’ll be looking for a specific PDF file, you would know what folder to access and which merged files to open. By doing so, you’ll surely save more time and effort. 

Online eSign PDF Tool 

Signatures are important in some documents to make them authentic, valid, and credible for whatever purpose they may serve. However, it seems to be infeasible to write your signature if you’re using electronic PDF files. Don’t worry because GogoPDF has a solution to your concern. 

It has an eSign PDF tool, allowing you to sign your PDFs digitally. Hence, there’s no need to use any pen at all. Just grab the computer mouse or carefully maneuver its touchpad while you manually input your signature. That’s the easiest way to sign your PDf files using GogoPDF. 


File management and organization have been a challenge to many people around the globe. However, with the right web-based tools of GogoPDF, everything becomes a piece of cake. Therefore, whenever you find it challenging to handle your electronic files, always keep in mind to access and use the various tools of GogoPDF on its website for free. 

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