Festive Exterior Makeover with Pavit Ceramics Outdoor tiles

Festive Exterior Makeover with Pavit Ceramics Outdoor tiles

Diwali is one of India’s largest and most celebrated festivals, and for many, it’s the time of the year when they plan to spruce up the interiors and exteriors of their home. Renovating your home during this time not only elevates one’s mood but also embodies the spirit of the Diwali celebration. Flooring ranks top on the list when one considers planning out their quick and hassle-free home make-over.

Now-a-days flooring your spaces have varied options and can be confusing when one starts to pick and choose the best option available for them as per their taste and in their financial range.  From hardwood to marble and granite, there are various natural flooring options available for your interior and exterior spaces, but before choosing these one should be ready to spend a huge amount of money and provide strict maintenance. Whereas when you go with vitrified tiles, you can acquire the same look in a much cheaper and less tedious way. Pavit Ceramics has wide range of vitrified tiles which will help you to create welcoming and comfortable outdoor festive impressions. To add a cherry on the top, you can even conceptualize your space on our ‘Tile Visualizer’ which gives you a pleasant thought of how it will take care of laying the tiles.

The color and pattern of the exterior flooring tiles can add an element of elegance and warmth to your entrance and patios. Large tile sizes with minimum joints provide an impression of larger looking spaces. And, when it comes to exterior tile arrangements, one can play with different tile patterns, colors and even murals to get vibrant yet soothing vibes for the area. For patio area, plain shading tiles with natural surface texture will give you an excellent look and make your visitor feel welcoming. Sit out area, simple yet stylish tiles are best reliable option which can give you soothing experience when you are encompassed in that area. For Driveway area, there is a requirement for rough surface and dark color tiles so that it is antiskid for vehicles and its shading ought to be dim in contrast with other zone tiles. For Balcony area plain tiles with dusty look are loved and help to make that space of your home the attention seeker for everyone.

Exterior Tiles- Pavit

Our in-house manufactured vitrified tiles are highly durable. These qualities and their affordable nature make them the first choice for commercial and residential areas. These tiles are highly non-porous, thus saves ones energy and time from worrying about stains, water logging and frost deposition. Regular dusting and wiping is enough to keep the porcelain tiles clean and maintained. The best part, they match marble and granite when it comes to looks and appearance, that too as an inexpensive alternative. As the vitrified tiles are available in various sizes and finishes (glossy, matte, anti-skid)one can easily replace the tiles when needed with the identical alternatives.

Our Suggestion!! Go for the unique and bright-colored collection of our outdoor tiles for this Diwali décor and allow us to provide you with stunning home exteriors. Just like the interiors, tile color selection and application plays a major role in the look and the feel of a space. For your exterior sit-out area or the main house entrance, think about what type of atmosphere you want to create and entertain. Do you desire something that looks organic and natural? Or you want to create traditional elegance that mimics the old-style homes? Or you love modern geometrical shapes and patterns with bold colors? Pavit Ceramics’ exterior tiles come in so many varied shapes, designs, and colors that you can pick and choose your perfect combination. No matter how your outdoor space looks like right now, you can re-design and transform it into a beautiful arena just by using our outdoor tiles.

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