Feeding The Needy What Can We Do

Feeding The Needy: What Can We Do?

Although we may automatically associate hunger solely with countries in poverty, it is actually a global problem, affecting even the wealthiest of countries. Surprisingly, more than 1.5 million UK citizens go hungry daily, whilst over 8 million US citizens do not have regular access to food. This problem is a lot closer to home than we might imagine and to successfully tackle it, we have to acknowledge that it is not a distant concept. Hunger needs to be eliminated on both a local and global scale but how do we do our bit?

Educating Yourself on World Hunger

When working to make a difference in world hunger, you must ensure that you are informed on the issue. The easiest way to familiarise yourself with the issue is to visit charity pages, where they collect and show the vital figures in a user-friendly way. Whether it be their website, leaflets, or posters, charities want to make the information straightforward for all audiences. They are aware that such complex matters are difficult and overwhelming to understand and therefore guide you through the learning process seamlessly.

Contributing to Food Banks

Food banks are a great way to supply struggling families with long-lasting, dry food, that does not require refrigeration. This means that there is no pressure of a best before date and hungry people can feel secure in their food supplies for a short while. You can support food banks through food donations, monetary donations, or even volunteering to help distribute the foodstuffs amongst those in need.

Contributing to Soup Kitchens

Not too dissimilar from food banks, soup kitchens provide the hungry with food. However, this food tends to be hot rather than dried goods. Furthermore, soup kitchens provide people with a place to sit amongst others and eat in company. Volunteering at a soup kitchen would involve serving up food to the needy, whilst monetary donations help with the financing of the space and the buying of produce.

Contributing to Meals on Wheels

Services such as Meals on Wheels ensure that the elderly, whose mobility is restricted, are fed. Meals on Wheels accepts donations to ensure that helpless elderly individual are given ample food that they would otherwise not have access to.

Providing Rough Sleepers with Food

Those living on the streets have likely been without a proper meal for quite some time. You can help resolve this by offering food or a hot drink to help them keep warm and nourished.

Contributing to Charity

Large numbers of charities out there have been established to tackle world hunger on a local and global scale, which you can give to today.

Multiple charities are driven by religious motivations like Qurbani 2021, wherein Muslims will provide someone in need with a nutritious meal. Qurbani falls across the 10th, 11th, and 12th days of the last month of the Islamic year.

Despite this, eliminating hunger does not need to be religiously motivated and it is something that we should all concern ourselves with regardless of our beliefs.


Unbelievably, the world is not short of food, however, poor distribution results in so many people go without. If everyone contributes, we will be able to amend the broken system and guarantee that everyone worldwide does not have to suffer from hunger.

The smallest contribution can make the biggest difference in someone’s life, and you have the power to make a change.

Having the means to obtain food is a basic human right and you are able to take the necessary steps to ensure that everyone is fed on a global scale.

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