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Evolution of Air Conditioning and Their Types

Air conditioning has become a part and parcel of our lives now; we do not take it as a luxury anymore but we consider it a normal amenity. Air-conditioning is being used both in commercial and domestic settings. Air-conditioners work on a simple principle. It removes the heat and moisture to be replaced by cold and dry air which makes the occupant very comfortable.

Though the primary usage of air-conditioning is for human comfort it has many other uses too. It is now widely used to cool the room with any heat-producing machinery like computers, ATMs, servers, power amplifiers, etc. Cold air is comfortable for animals too. Some expensive places horse stables are known to use air conditioning to cool the animals for better performance.

Air conditions usually work by sucking the warm air out of any enclosed room and then circulate air cooled by the coolant in the air conditioner pumped by a compressor. The coolants run in narrow long pipes across the air condition in coiled pattern, the air circulates between the pipes which make the air cool.

The concept of air conditioning is not new as the trace of usage of air conditioner was found in age-old as Egyptian civilization. Many Arabic and Indian palaces from hundreds of years back also have some kind of air conditioning technology where predominantly water is used with various methods to keep the cool of the indoor air.

The dynamic concept of the modern electric air conditioner we use was conceived by Willis.H.Carrier. He started the design in 1902, but a functional air condition to cool an indoor premise was possible only after the invention of the 1st refrigerant by DuPont. The first window air condition was invented by Robert Sherman of Lynn Massachusetts in 1945, which is basically the primary structure we use with the other technological modifications.

After nearly a century we have gone through an evolution of air conditioning, now we have AC for every occasion and purpose.

Let’s see the types of Air conditions we use today.

1. Window AC:

This is probably the tender memory of air conditioning whoever has cherished the existence of AC for the first time. Though this model is no more in production but still can be seen in some of the old establishments.

2. Central Air conditioners:

A central AC uses the combination of evaporator, condenser and compressor in a single unit. The unit is placed on roof on a concrete foundation as base, from the unit insulated ducts run inside the building with air distributors to cool the entire building uniformly. The duct system can also be used to heat up the building with a separate gas furnace installation in the roof.

3. Ductless Split Air-conditioner:

This is the most used variety for domestic purpose this AC has two units connected with two narrow pipes for refrigerants. They do not have ducts and do not need tearing up building wall for installations. Though the air conditioner is noninvasive it cannot cool the entire building, it is meant for one room only. For separate room you may need separate AC.

4. Industrial AC:

This kind of air conditioner is more like a big refrigerator and they work on very low temperature for many purposes like storing perishable food products or to keep high heat creating machines chilled for their optimum productivity.

An air conditioner only works fine when it is serviced periodically. So it is essential to get the service done even though you feel the AC is working fine. The benefits of servicing air conditioning not only extend the service life of the machine, it also improves the quality of air and decreases the consumption of electricity. AC maintenance is the best way to enjoy the best performance of this machine.

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