Everything You Need To Know About The 11 plus tutor

Everything You Need To Know About The 11 plus tutor

There are many options to choose from for a tutor. But before that, you should keep a few things in mind as they can help you make an informed decision.

  • Do not assume that the tutor you choose will be aware of the 11 plus requirements. You can test this ability by asking a few questions, and if you don’t find their answers satisfactory, you can always look for others.
  • Ask them about their success rate. You can also ask for references to parents of their previous students. If possible, you can have a small conversation with the parents and know about their experience with the tutor.
  • Not every tutor is trained in teaching. Ask them for their qualifications and certificates. Every teacher also needs to clear a Criminal Records Bureau CRB check, and you must ask for this certificate. This CRB check is important for any individual who intends to work around children.
  • A good teacher will have good techniques to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your child. In the case of one-to-one tuition, this becomes all the more important because that is the primary goal of it. If the child has any special requirements, it needs to be discussed with the teacher. It is important to know their opinions and their approach to handling it.
  • If the child is in primary school, a late session close to dinner time will not be as fruitful as the evening one. If a child has attention issues, there needs to be a different approach to studying altogether. If a child has some sports or extracurriculars, the timetable needs to be adjusted according to their schedule.
  • It is possible that you may find a tutor who is willing to travel to the home of the student rather than calling them to their own classroom. The tutor may charge more for this. If not, check and see the classroom. If there are other children, talk to them how do they like it? Look at the surroundings, is it peaceful or is it noisy? Do they teach in a classroom inside their homes where a lot of people come and go?
  • You should also check the homework and test schedules. It is important to know that the teaching hours are spent only on teaching and not on watching your child solve their homework or give tests.
  • Do not go for the most expensive tutor without verifying their reason for charging more. If the tutor asks for the full payment in advance rather than in 2 or 3 installments, it comes all the more important to verify before making a longer commitment. If the tutor doesn’t work out for your child, you may lose a lot of money.
  • You also must know about their cancellation policy when you are paying weekly. This may be useful if you are out of town or if your child is unwell. Do they need prior notification for cancellation? What are the requirements for cancellation of a session? It is always best to clear this out in the beginning.
  • See if the tutor does an assessment test before admitting your child. You might need to pay for the test which is okay since it is takin the tutor’s time. It is also a part of the teaching package. An assessment will be required if your child has some strong and weak areas and general aptitude levels to know how much effort it will be on the part of the tutor.
  • Ask the tutor if you can sit on one of their sessions before deciding. Respect the tutor’s decision although some will agree to it. A good tutor will be upfront about your child’s performance and needs to keep taking regular feedbacks. Try to have realistic expectations from the child and the tutor. You can also give some suggestions since you know your child more.

If it so happens that your tutor does not see potential in your child for 11 Plus Tutor, it should be conveyed to you without leading you on for too long. Talk about this to the tutor. Although many times, the child’s performance can be improved, and the child must try regardless of the result. A good teacher will make an informed decision after having that discussion with you.

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