Everything That You Need To Know About Cotton Blankets

Everything That You Need To Know About Cotton Blankets

The best way to make sure that your sleep is uninterrupted is by choosing a comfortable type of fiber for blankets. Scientific evidence shows that blankets play a detrimental role in fighting insomnia and promoting good sleep. Over the past few decades, cotton blankets have been increasing in popularity because of their aesthetic appeal and comfy nature. Even a cotton throw on your couch can do wonders if you sleep on your couch most often. How? Let’s find out!   

A Brief Overview of Cotton Blankets

The cotton throws and blankets that you use in your home are made from organic cotton that is cultivated using environmentally friendly methods. This cotton doesn’t contain any genetically engineered substances or synthetic chemicals and so you don’t need to worry about the blanket being harsh on your skin. For centuries, cotton has been used as a staple fabric across the globe because it is fluffy, soft fiber that feels like a cloud on your skin. Although the fiber is predominantly grown in the tropical and subtropical climates of the world, the popularity of cotton is beyond leaps and bounds.

Perks of Using Cotton Blankets

Since time immemorial cotton has been a popular option for blankets because of its extensive benefits. Some of these are listed as follows:

Soft on the skin

When you get a Cotton blanket for winter, you sign in for a fabric that feels great on your skin. As cotton fabrics have very less contact with the harsh chemicals and toxic reagents, they result in a very natural soft and comfortable experience.


The cotton blankets and throws are breathable in nature. So, they wick away the moisture in the night, and you will wake up feeling more relaxed and comfortable in the morning. Instead of being breathable, cotton blankets can provide you warmth as during colder nights, cotton bed sheets absorb and retain the body heat.

Long Lasting

Cotton blankets aren’t just durable, but sustainable as well. They are bio-degradable because they are produced by using eco-friendly methods and pure cotton can last about twice as long as any synthetic alternative so you don’t have to get a replacement every now and then.

Easy to maintain

Unlike the fur or synthetic blankets, cotton blankets are easy to care. Some can be even washed in machines and you can steam dry them for fading away the wrinkles. Maintaining cotton blankets isn’t tough at all because they are durable and they don’t retain stains easily.

Premium Flair

Cotton has this premium look that makes your mundane bed settings extremely beautiful. Cotton blankets can go with almost every decor setting and their aesthetics are impeccable.

The bottom Line

Choosing organic cotton blanket for winter is a great way to incorporate a greater environmental awareness into your everyday life. You can improve your quality of sleep and cotton blankets look absolutely fabulous instead of its minimal appeal. Indulge in the awe of a stunning cotton blanket and slip into bed each night surrounded by nature’s comfort and love.   

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