Emerging Technologies and Benefits

E-Learning: Emerging Technologies and Benefits

New technologies have also brought benefits to the world of learning and training. We have already talked about the advantages of e-learning in this article, here we want to focus on the technological contribution to training. How can these tools benefit students and help organizations create better learning experiences?

New technologies: the frontiers of e-learning

The field of teaching changes and evolves rapidly. The rise of several emerging technologies has paved the way for more dynamic learning opportunities, and traditional learning management systems have been integrated or sometimes replaced by a series of tools that more effectively support performance improvement.

As the younger generations are introduced to the world of work, companies become increasingly aware of the fact that the innovative training offer must become part of their strategy, in order to motivate and retain employees.

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The technological revolution in e-learning

This new technological revolution is radically changing the way the job is set up and the meaning of a career, just as we are used to knowing them, making the constant updating of our skills imperative. Emerging technology goes hand in hand with this transformation; these tools can be used to design cutting-edge learning experiences that demonstrate to employees that their companies are concerned about investing in their continuous professional growth.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of emerging learning technology

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Use new technologies to increase learning effectiveness

Assuming that the training courses serve to impart lasting knowledge in the mind of the individual and applicable to the various professional fields of his life, it is necessary to aim for training that guides long-term behavior. Courses must be captivating as well as having a lasting effect just like data science with python course which will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours.

To achieve this goal, some elements are needed: high quality and captivating content, optimized training procedures, spaced tests, and targeted retraining.

All this is achievable through the use of emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality (keep following us, an article dedicated to the best e-learning tools will soon be released), thanks to which engaging and realistic environments can be created in which students may have direct experiences that cannot be replicated through any other medium.

This way people will feel like they really are in a classroom. The experiences through e-learning platforms allow to develop courses for students that reflect their work environment, through a realistic and practical approach.

Emerging technology allows otherwise difficult or expensive learning experiences to recreate

The advantage in this case, consists of the implementation of teaching techniques useful to reduce the training costs and the organizational difficulties that can derive from the conception of things for a large number of people.

For example, if your company needs to educate all employees on a new technology or a new marketing strategy, it is difficult to bring together dozens, hundreds or thousands of people in the same classroom at the same time.

With the most innovative tools then, we can also do things that would be impossible in the real world, such as creating a project otherwise difficult to imagine in a virtual reality environment. Let’s think of an architect who wants to propose his new idea. Doesn’t it turn out to be much easier to show what you want to achieve with images?

Emerging technological innovations also provide a safer alternative for training, which translates into reduced risk and increased productivity. In fact, assisted learning by means of technological tools is pushing organizations and employees to achieve an optimal level of performance, as well as significantly reducing costs and organizational problems.

The time-saving benefits of emerging technology

Let’s think about artificial intelligence and how it is already used for the web. Google, for example, allows us to do more targeted searches by suggesting phrases in the search engine that may be relevant to what we are looking for.

Similarly, artificial intelligence can be used in teaching methods through new technologies, learning from users in order to simplify their access to the information they need. Artificial intelligence can ask questions to the student and, from the answers he receives, he can learn what he needs to improve in a short time.

It is also important to underline how this powerful medium and other forms of emerging technology are ideal for targeted information. What comes back to you is the result of a system developed, based on previous experiences based on what you need at that exact moment.

The information is then drawn from the data collected on the person, on others who follow the course, both yours and others or previous courses and can be used to decide what is best for you at that time. This learning increases the effectiveness of online learning.

Emerging technology can create a memorable and practical experience

A common buzzword related to emerging technology is “experience”. If you want your students to have an experience they will remember, this is the tool for you. Emerging technologies can, in effect, provide students with a number of valuable experiences that allow them to apply again later.

Emerging technologies offer an experience that captures students. Indeed, it is they themselves who wish to have this experience, not because they feel obliged to do it, but because they are interested. Technology is capable of creating an electrifying atmosphere around teaching.

With technologies we learn better

To create a unique and interesting experience, it is important to take a more practical approach. People tend to forget theoretical concepts very easily. Students who take lessons, seminars or online webinars are more likely to remember what they have learned than those who do not study with such learning aids.

Emerging technologies offer immense possibilities in this regard. Complex contents and difficult-to-understand concepts can be much more interesting and engaging when presented with technological tools and practical applications. The reason? In this way, students manage to appreciate the importance of concepts and ideas instead of simply touching them theoretically.

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And what do you think of e-learning? Let us know in the comments!

New technologies: the frontiers of e-learning We can add few lines – EdTech company Simplilearn is offering free in demand skills to build strong foundation to excel career growth. It includes many courses like Introduction to Six Sigma, Agile scrum foundation, PMI-ACP, Intro to IoT and many more.

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