Embed Twitter Feed on Website – Try Amazing Tools

Embed Twitter Feed on Website – Try Amazing Tools

Over the years, Twitter has established itself as a major social media platform where people can come and openly share their views on an ongoing topic be it world news, business, or the finale of any trending series.

Twitter is not only seen as a social media platform, it is now known commonly referred to as a famous microblogging platform for the users.

If you are a brand or a business with a good social media presence, then people are likely to speak about your brand on Twitter too.

As a brand, it is crucial for you to collect the content generated from the users be it in the form of images, videos, reviews, gifs, etc., and display it on your website.

Displaying your Twitter feed on the website can prove to be beneficial for your brand as it acts as social proof for your brand, increases user engagement, makes the website look attractive, and increase your brand value and visibility.

Embed Twitter feed on the website is not as technical as it sounds. It can be done easily by following a few steps.

There are a few tools in the market using which you can efficiently and effectively embed your Twitter feed on your website.

What is Twitter Feed?

Simply put, Twitter Feed is your wall where you can see recent updates from the users you are following. Your Twitter feed is constantly updated all the time with the latest tweets. Similarly, it is the same place where the people following you also get updates from what you tweeted.

The reach of your Twitter feed depends on the number of followers you have. The more followers you have, the wider will be your reach.

Top Tools for Embedding Twitter Feed on Website – 2021

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is the best platform for embedding Twitter feed on the website. It is a social media aggregator tool using which you can collect, curate, and embed Twitter feed on your website. You can curate the feed from your connection type i.e. – hashtags, mention, handle, searches, etc.

It offers you the option to customize the feed by adjusting the width and height of the feed. You can add themes, layout, colors, fonts, and branding options as per your needs and requirements.

With the advanced moderation panel, you can maintain the content of the utmost quality with the help of the profanity filter and remove any unwanted content.

Tagembed also gives the users the option to analyze the performance of the Twitter feed. You can see the total impressions, number of clicks, total conversions, number of people visited, etc.

2. HootFeed

Being a Twitter Wall display feed Hootfeed lets you create and display amazing and stunning twitter walls.

It is an integration tool for Twitter with plenty of customization options. Hootfeed also provides different responsive designs catering to different screen sizes.

Hootfeed comes with an analytics option to measure the performance of feed on the website.

3. Everwall

Everwall lets you collect and curate a Twitter feed and display it on the website in a unified manner. You can choose the connection type for the aggregation of feed like mention, hashtags, handles, etc. The feed can easily be embedded on any website by generating a code and pasting it on the back end of the website. It collects real-time feeds and customize them the way you want to.

4. Juicer

Juicer is a Twitter aggregation tool that lets you collect, curate, display, and presents the Twitter feed as per your needs and requirements.

It curates tweets via hashtags, mention, handle, searches, etc. It displays a real-time Twitter feed which will be displayed as soon as it gets updated.

5. Tweet Wally

An amazing Twitter-powered tool that customizes results and presents them across in various formats at a URL or projector at conferences, events, parties, etc.

Twitter Wally allows users to try different searches and enjoy a consistent Twitter live feed on their website.

Over to You

Embedding Twitter Feed on the website can prove to be highly beneficial for your brand or business. Apart from building social proof, it also increases user engagement, increases website traffic, improves your brand visibility and value.

Like promised earlier, embed Twitter feed on the website is not at all technical and can be done in a few easy steps.

If you are a brand or a business with an active presence on Twitter and if people are already talking about you and your business, then you might as well take advantage of the content generated by them and display it on the website. This way, you can effectively embed your Twitter feed on the website.

That was it from our end! It’s all up to you now. Select one tool from the above-mentioned options and get embedding your Twitter feed on your website!

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