Easy Editing for Short Videos with An Online Video Maker

Easy Editing for Short Videos with An Online Video Maker

Digital technology is increasingly doing everything for us. Everyone can now be a filmmaker. This is an exciting time but it also means that competition is fierce. If everyone is making online videos then how do you make yours stand out? That’s why you want to use an online video maker such as this one. You’ll find all the templates you need to make videos that are truly exceptional. 

How to Edit Short Videos with an Online Video Maker 

You’ll be glad to know that you don’t need any technical knowledge to do video editing. Free editing tools are specifically designed so that editing is intuitive and only takes a few clicks and drag and drop movements. Nevertheless, here are some highlights to help you get started: 

  • Choose your template and upload your content
  • Trim and crop 
  • Add music 
  • Include text, logo, and animations
  • Consider pasting images
  • Reformat for social media platforms 

Choose your template and upload your content

Before you can edit anything, you’ll clearly need to make your first video. You can make this as easy or as complex as you like. For instance, it’s very simple to pick a template, add your logo, download your video, and then you’re done. Then again, you might want to add your content into your video template to showcase your product, for instance. The more you customize than the more unique your video will be although remember to keep it short and to the point. 

Trim and crop 

Once you have your video, you then use the video editing tools to click on the actual video where you want to trim or crop anything. It’s worth keeping a copy though just in case you change your mind when working with your video editor. 

Add Music 

It’s helpful to choose an online video maker that has a music library. That way you’ll have access to anything you want although you can of course include your own audio. Again, it’s very easy to click on the audio file and delete any sections, perhaps at the end to fit the size of your video, for example. 

Include Text, Logo, and Animations

This is where the fun begins. The basic editing tools have some but not that many animations but remember that simple is usually best. Most of the detail you need is already in the video templates. You definitely want to type in your own 1 liner and include your logo though. 

Consider Pasting Images

Some tools allow you to paste images onto your online videos. This can help you highlight specific points. In that case, you just need to click on the option to add images and drag and drop your photos when you make a video.

Reformat for Social Media Platforms

It’s worth noting that each social media platform has different sizes and format requirements. The best editing tools help you do this so that you can directly share your video on your selected social media page. Overall, they’re easy to use and you’ll wonder how you ever survived before.

What to look for in Easy Online Video Maker Editing Tools 

If you’re opting for the ease of use then most free online video maker tools are the best ones to start with. They’re mainly designed for beginners and they keep their functionality to a minimum so as not to overwhelm users. Having said that, here are a few key characteristics you might also want to verify: 

  • Windows versus Mac
  • Functionality 
  • Video formats
  • Tutorials and support 

Windows versus Mac

There’s no right or wrong here and everyone knows about the ongoing Mac versus Windows debate. Regardless, some online video maker tools work for both and some only for one.


Everyone loves an easy drag and drop movement. It just becomes too much if you have to start typing instructions or clicking through many menus when you create videos. You’ll be able to gauge how intuitive the interface is from the photos on the online video maker website. Although, again the free ones are a good place to start. 

Video formats

Videos come in many formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, amongst others. MOV and MP4 are the most commonly used for social media but you might want to check your content also. Some cameras and computers only allow for certain formats so you might want to cross-check, including for your music tracks.

Tutorials and Support 

Some of the easier-to-use online video maker tools have tutorials to help you through their interface. This is not because they’re complex but because they’re assuming that beginners are their main users. Moreover, some have exceptional customer support and actually help you through your design journey. So, check the small print and think about how much help you want. 

Parting Words on Easy Editing with an Online Video Maker

Parting Words on Easy Editing with an Online Video Maker 

The main point to remember is that using an online video maker is easy and produces professional videos. You can make the experience more complex with more customization especially as you get accustomed to the tool. As mentioned, a free tool is a great place to start for beginners. Although, your confidence will quickly grow as you fall in love with this software that literally does everything for you. 

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