The DOs and DON'Ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress

The DOs and DON’Ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress

I know weddings are fun and hectic at the same time. And as a bride-to-be, you might be under loads of pressure in choosing your picture-perfect bridal wear. 

Take a moment and scroll through this much helpful article that will let you know the top five Dos and Dont’s of choosing your wedding dress. 

Read here the things you need to DO

What is your budget? 

  • Whether you are a saver or a spender, remember it is very important to set a budget. You definitely do not want to exceed your expenses, especially when you have your own wedding coming up soon. 
  • Make a budget of all the things, from the headpins to the wedding dress to the footwear; make sure to be mindful about each penny you’re gonna spend for your day. 
  • Stick to your decided budget, and then move to proper research before you run into a shopping spree for your bridal wear.

Research to refine your ideas

  • Look on the web; it’s a hub of thousands of pins where you get plenty of inspiration and ideas from.
  • We all picture ourselves in our dream wedding dress! Search for your style and comfort 
  • Once you get the perfect dress or even the slightest idea of your wedding dress, save it for the time when you go shopping for a similar fabric, colour, and style.

Timing and Scheduling

  • You do not want to run a helter-skelter just a few days before your wedding. 
  • All the to-be brides should start their shopping at least six months before the big day. 
  • Six months can be too much or too little. This span of time can help you get enough time and idea to know the best boutiques around your city and grab the perfect bridal attire for the day. 
Timing and Scheduling

Comfort over Trend 

  • If you are stuck between being in the trend and being comfortable, always choose your comfort any day.
  • It is obvious that you be at your utmost solace on your wedding day. 
  • After all, nothing can be more timeless than your comfort and easiness.

Try out them all

  • Keep exploring as many boutiques and dresses in the city while you are still in search of your dream outfit.
  • Sure, you may find the dress in the first store itself but ensure to visit all the nearby relevant shops and boutiques; who knows, you may land upon the perfect piece of set anywhere else? 
  • While in the shop, try on every probable outfit, ensure the fitting, fabric, etc. needful details. 

Know the Donts of choosing a wedding dress

No virtual shopping

  • Never believe the black screens. And you do not want to shop for your wedding dress from an online window screen.
  • You may be deceived with the size of the ethnic wear, the color, and the fabric
Know the Donts of choosing a wedding dress

Avoid too many people

  • It is your wedding, so you, your family, your friends, everyone seems to be excited just the right way. 
  • But remember not to stuff friends and unwanted people to shop your wedding dress. This invites more unnecessary opinions, ultimately increasing your double thoughts in choosing the right outfit. 

Give the last-minute shopping a miss! 

  • Last-minute shopping is a big NO, especially when you are shopping for your nuptial. 
  • You need a hassle-free happy wedding so avoid this mistake of going for a last moment wedding shopping.

Excess alterations and hideous colour combinations 

  • Once you set your eyes on a dress, check your fitting, look for a unique colour combination and check whether or not it needs multiple alterations or is the colour too showy?
  • Think rationally about the time you need to spend behind your dress. No one would want to create a fashion disaster on the D-day. 

Do not forget to have fun! 

  • Last but not least, it’s your wedding; remember to glee through all the smiles. 
  • Enjoy every moment you spend with your loved ones and seize the day to make it a memorable one. 

Thank you for reading it till here. I hope I helped in calming a lot of chaos going in your mind. What other articles you like reading do tell us in the comment section.

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