DIY Steps to Install a New Window

DIY Steps to Install a New Window

There are plenty of reasons to install a new window. Maybe, you’re looking at a wall and think that it is a really nice place to fit a window. Or, your window is broken and somehow you can’t reach the company services. 

Though installing a new window is kind of a major project, however, this work comes under the capabilities of most of the homeowners with nice carpenter skills. 

The exact instruction for installing a window depends on the type and size of it. But, each window has to be framed, installed, and sealed. So, here I am going to walk you through the basic process and steps to install a window.

Measure, Measure, And Measure 

The process is quite easy but just because of this particular step, people look towards professionals. Likewise, you can easily approach the window installation services in Frisco TX if you are living there.

Now, it is very important to make sure if you are measuring correctly when doing any carpeting. Similarly, it is necessary when cutting a hole in any area. So, in order to do not mess things up measure everything twice at least.

The Creation Of The Opening 

Remember that this step is needed only when you are installing a window where there was no windows before; it was just a solid wall. Thus, if you are installing a windows where there was an opening, you can skip this part. 

Now, this step needs you to be exceptionally careful because you are going to cut a large hole in your room. 

Probably, you will have to cut the opening larger than it needs to be. You have to do this in order to have space for the supporting frames and header. Tough it is time taking but do not worry. Nevertheless, it may take a whole day to create the opening.

Window Framing 

Remember to make sure if your windows is structurally secure. Also, check the fitting properly so that it will not sag while proper framing. Put the lower stud cripples of the wall underneath the opening in order to support the windowsill.  After that, allow some water to drain through installing the windowsill at a slight one-inch slope.

Finishing The Opening 

Once the frame is placed and good to go, you are then able to finish opening the wall. 

Drill the pilot holes from inside at each other. This will help you to locate the opening of the window from outside the house.

A 12 inch bit should be enough to work. Now, draw a line to connect the drill holes using a straightedge. You will cut this area out.

Window Installing 

Finally, you are now able to place the windows. Use an integral flange or nailing fin in order to secure your new metal or vinyl windows to your house. Also, make sure to keep your fingers and hands safe throughout the process.

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To have an idea of installing a window or window glass replacement can be of many reasons and purposes. It is not really hard work to just look at. However, when you do not have any options but to do it yourself.

Surely, it seems like a bad idea. Nevertheless, if it is your first time to install a window, it looks a bit hard. But, you should give it a try with these mentioned steps and the whole process.

One more thing, if you just have to install the window and not make any opening. Then, it is not a problem because it only needs two to three simple steps and you are good to go.  

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