Digital Odometer Tampering – Is It Legal

Digital Odometer Tampering – Is It Legal?

Since odometer tampering remains a prevalent issue, governments do their best to regulate fraud as much as they can. Specific laws vary from one state to another, but they all have one thing in common – rolling back the mileage can result in serious legal trouble. You could face administrative charges or go to prison if you commit fraud more than once.

Digital odometer tampering isn’t legal and you should think carefully before you attempt to reduce mileage. With that being said, the tools that reverse odometer are widely accessible these days. Odometer rollback remains attractive, but it’s best to use a superior alternative such as the mileage blocker from Let’s begin and learn all the necessary information about digital odometer tampering.

Is it possible to change mileage on digital odometers?

Even though digital odometers complicate the task slightly, it’s possible to change mileage even with modern trip meters. You see, digital odometers store mileage information in control units (tiny computers in your car), and it could be difficult to remove that data even with dedicated tools. That’s the main reason why the odometer rollback device is ineffective compared to the mileage blocker.

The odometer adjustment tool is meant for reprogramming miles in your vehicle. More often than not, it’s software that enables you to reset those numbers completely or reverse them as much as you want. However, its effects are superficial. They can’t change mileage in control units. Therefore, a diagnostic tester can easily discover the actual mileage of your vehicle.

The mileage blocker stops recording the mileage in all control units once activated. It’s a premium tool that is meant to test the performance of your car in a controlled environment. Even though it’s not targeted for fraudulent purposes, some people do use it on public roads to prevent their vehicles from counting distance.

What are the main benefits of the mileage blocker?

A mileage blocker is certainly the ultimate tool. It has a lot of benefits that make it more suitable for consumers who are looking for simplicity. It’s meant to make your life easier, and that’s exactly what it does.

The mileage stopper works perfectly with digital odometers

As mentioned, the mileage stopper from works perfectly with digital odometers as it stops recording mileage in all control units. In other words, you can connect diagnostic equipment or use professional services – it’s still impossible to trace its performance.

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t use it on public roads.

The odometer blocker is quick and easy to install  

The odometer blocker from comes with a plug-and-play module. It includes an original plug, which means you won’t have any problems installing it yourself. You’ll need to dedicate a small amount of time, and you’ll be ready to roll right away.

A kilometer stopper is a reliable tool

The kilometer stopper from comes in a rugged package. It’s a reliable tool that won’t give up on you any time soon. As it’s tailored to the specs of your vehicle, it offers predictability i.e. great end results.


No matter what the specific laws are in your country – the chances are digital odometer tampering is still illegal, or at least unethical. Odometer correction tools make it extremely easy to discover fraud, which makes their utilization counter-productive. The mileage blocker, on the other hand, is a perfect tool for testing the performance of your car.

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