Cool Calgary Secrets That Only Locals Know

Cool Calgary Secrets That Only Locals Know

Calgary is a unique city that combines both urban and metro cultures. Although the city has a plethora of skyscrapers and was essentially built by oil money, it still has a lot of small-town culture. In fact, the city is even sometimes referred to as “Cowtown” by some Canadian residents. Due to this type of environment, many small locations and secrets have popped up, places only seasoned residents of the city would know about. So if you’ve just closed on one of the Calgary homes for sale and are looking to integrate yourself into the local community, what places should you check out? Here are cool Calgary secrets that only locals know. 

Village Ice Cream

Originally opened in 2012, Village Ice Cream has expanded from a small-time location to a multi-store chain in less than a decade. Village Ice Cream has four locations with stores in Britannia Plaza, Garrison Woods, Victoria Park, and Bridgeland. With its growing popularity, Village Ice Cream has become a local favorite, yet the store hasn’t gained momentum outside of the city. Unless you’re familiar with the city and its recent trends, you might miss the store’s amazing ice cream. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth while you’re in Calgary, then you absolutely have to check out Village Ice Cream.

Calgary Farmers’ Market

The Calgary Farmers’ Market may not have the history that some other farmers’ markets may have, but it still remains a fantastic attraction in the city. First started in 2004, local residents quickly adopted the event and visited in droves. The market draws over a million annual visitors and is home to almost 80 unique vendors. One can find just about anything you need at this location, including meat products and international foods. Even those not looking for food can find items to browse such as jewelry and art. If you’re looking to browse some high-quality and unique wares, check out the Calgary Farmers’ Market. 

27 Boutique

Established in 2012, 27 Boutique has quickly become one of Calgary’s premier fashion destinations. The shop specializes in selling unique brands of clothing, mirroring the fashion sense of founder Kelly Schneider. Here you’ll be able to find all different types of clothing ranging from graphic tees to loungewear to swim sets. Although the boutique may be more on the pricey side, the quality of the product is well worth it. 

Trend Fashions Limited

True Fashions Limited is another high-quality fashion stop in Calgary that you’ll have to check out. The shop was opened in 1997 and sells some of fashion’s hottest labels. Trend Fashions Limited is restocked daily with dozens of quality items, keeping the store fresh every time you visit. Trend Fashions prides itself on being affordable and environmentally conscious, making it the perfect place to stop and shop in Calgary. 

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