Compelling Custom Rigid Boxes for Promoting Powder Foundation

Compelling Custom Rigid Boxes for Promoting Powder Foundation

Cosmetic customers are quite particular about the aesthetic aspects of a product that is presented to them. You can’t leave an impression without displaying a makeup item in enrapturing packaging. So if you want to pitch the powder foundation effectively, use gripping boxes for the endeavor. Eye-catchy packaging with engaging details would bedazzle the shoppers. They will feel inclined into knowing the benefits of the beauty treat you are claiming to be different and better than the others. Personalized boxes would aid you with depicting a desired and distinctive image of your brand.

The packaging is thus an opportunity to create awareness about your makeup manufacturing company and offers. Custom rigid box packaging would not only protect the powder foundation from getting affected by shock, moisture, and heat but will also assist you with promoting its striking features. Describe the non-greasy formula of the item and how it provides better coverage for uneven and blemished skin. You can give a glance at other of your bestselling cosmetics especially the ones used in salons and by top makeup artists.

Choosing an adept and skilled custom box manufacturer is imperative for printing result-oriented packaging. You should be meticulous with selecting a printer for your retail boxes, the easiest way is to ask for word of mouth referrals and check options online and in the local market.

We are sharing tips that will help you with designing and printing your packaging!

Give Interesting Insight about the Product

Custom rigid boxes having details like powder foundation is perfect for beauties that have to go out and wander in the sun would expedite the purchase process. Use facts about the cosmetic item in an informal and convincing tone on the packaging. Net weight, lasting hours, manufacturing date/place, and a number of months during which the makeup must be consumed should be mentioned. Boxes should have a clear name and number of the shade as well.

Printing Likable Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Packaging with an original and coruscating design would make your cosmetic item stand out. Suggest the graphics team to use lively illustrations on the boxes. Text should be short and sweet, avoid using pushy advertising messages. Funky font can be used for highlighting the name of the foundation and your brand. Packaging shouldn’t be hard to handle for the users, the box style ought to be simple to open and close. Ask the printer for advice if you don’t have much knowledge about the die-cut packaging shapes.

Celeb Endorsed Packaging

Boxes having recommendations and reviews about your powder foundation would support you with boosting sales. You can have celeb signature packaging or get reviews of the famous influencers printed on the boxes. Social proof plays an important part in influencing the buying decision of shoppers; you should however avoid using fake or fabricated product testimonials. Don’t lie for luring consumers; it will tarnish your brand’s credibility and reputation.

You can find a good bargain on wholesale printing by comparing the prices of rigid box manufacturers USA that are accredited with providing reasonable and quality packaging items. If you have a budget, discuss it with the vendors to see which one of them is willing to accommodate you.

Print your rigid retail and gift boxes with the Packaging Republic and save yourself time, sweat and money. Place your order by sending the required specs through a website form or call a sales or support rep for assistance!

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