Checklist for Electrical Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Checklist for Electrical Emergencies and How to Handle Them?

Out of the many disasters, the electrical disaster is the worst because it doesn’t give you time for any reaction. Most importantly electrical disasters can be fatal if safety measures are not taken.  First and foremost, if you don’t want any mishaps to happen in your house you need to keep the number of local electricians handy. If you have recently shifted and are looking for an electrician in Los Angeles then you can search on Google or ask your neighbors.

Listed below is a checklist that can help you avoid electrical mishaps

We are sure even if you are a non-technical person you can maintain this checklist to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from electrical failures.

Tips to keep in mind to ensure electrical safety

1. Make sure all the electrical outlets are switched off in your absence

The most important tip to avoid electrical disasters is to ensure electrical outlets are switched off especially when you are not home. By internal electrical outlets, we mean the sockets which hold the plugs. There is always a switch beside the socket that can cut off electricity. It is important that when you are not using an electrical outlet you switch it off especially when you are not available. It saves a person from accidents and also saves electricity.

2. Switch off the breaker when you are repairing a circuit and make sure the breaker is not trusted

The second thing that you need to check is the breaker. All the power sockets are connected to a breaker made of metal. Whenever there is an electrical failure the first thing that needs to be checked is the breaker. If you like to repair electrical issues yourself it’s important that you switch off the breaker whenever you are repairing an electrical issue.

It is also important that you check the breaker for rust. Since breakers are made of metals after prolonged use the metals tend to rust. If you witness any rust on the breaker it needs to immediately be replaced.

3. Check out open wires for cracks and splits

Usually, wires are covered in cases but in case there are open wires we need to be very careful. The open or loose wires need to be minutely inspected for cracks and splits. Often when wires are used for a long time, they tend to become brittle from inside and that is when there is a chance of an electrical failure. Most wires tend to fuse because of wear and tear.

No matter how much we spend on electrical wires they have a shelf life. It is important to replace wires before it’s too old. This is necessary because when the wires become brittle the cracks that develop inside the wire are often invisible.

If you have little or no experience in electrical appliances and looking for an electrician in Los Angeles then we are there to help you. Hire a professional electrician to check the open wires.

4. Make sure the external outlets are sealed so that they can never tamper

Another easy way of avoiding electrical failures is ensuring that the external outlets are sealed. Any electrical appliance has two outlets internal and external. Internal outlets that have wires are generally sealed in cases and to avoid electrical disasters the external outlets are also sealed.

This is done to avoid any kind of tampering. It also protects the electrical circuits from rain, dust, and pollution. Mostly the outer section goes through more wear and tear compared to the inner section. But once the outlet is sealed the wires are not exposed to extreme weather conditions nor can they be manipulated.

Sealing the external outlets keeps you safe and also keeps the electronic appliances in good condition.

5. Trust your senses

Every electrical disaster sends you signals All you need to do is trust your senses.

If there is an electrical failure you may witness smell, smoke, or sounds. These are clear indicators that there is an electrical failure. Whenever you are suspecting an electrical failure keep your eyes, nose, and ears open. In case you witness any of these signs you need to immediately call for a local electrician.

6. Avoid using extension cords to connect computers

A lot of people use extension cords to connect to the external circuits. These are massively used because the wires are wrong and extension cords come cheap. But whenever you are thinking of using extension cords you need to keep two things in mind.

  • First, extension cords are not meant for high voltage. If you are thinking of connecting fridge, washing, machines and computers you should never use extension cords.
  • Secondly, extension cords cannot be used for long. They have a very short life span. If you are using an extension cord constantly for a month there are high chances that the extension cord will stop working all of a sudden. It’s best to check the chords every month by a professional so that in case there is any wear and tear measures can be taken.

Most importantly even if you get an extension cord repaired it’s best to replace the chord every six months to avoid electrical short circuits.

Whether you are a pro in electrical matters or you are an amateur if you get the electrical circuits of your house checked on a regular basis and ensure they are properly maintained there are fewer chances of accidents and electrical failures.


Therefore, it can be said that whenever you are dealing with electrical circuits and appliances you need to keep certain things in mind. You need to make sure the power points are switched off in your absence, you need to closely check the wires If they are lying loose for cracks, most importantly you need to make sure the external outlets are sealed especially if you have pets and kids at home so that there is no external tampering and the extreme weather conditions do not affect the wires.

Other than this makes sure you do not use extension cords to connect fridge, computers, or high volt electrical appliances.

And always keep the number of a local electrician handy who can bail you out of emergencies.  They provide 24/7 service and are available at a phone call. The best part of local electricians is that they are cost-effective and they have a lot of experience.

We are sure if you keep these points in mind you will be able to keep yourself safe from electrical disasters. It’s very important because these disasters are not just risky for you but they can also prove to be disastrous for your neighbors.

Merely keeping these simple safety tips and precautions in mind will save you from a lot of unnecessary hassles. It is also going to help you save money and keep your electronic appliances in order.

We should always remember that it’s better to take precautions than to take measures after a mishap. This is why people in Los Angeles depend so much on local elections and are always keen to keep their numbers handy.

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