Chances to win the next Slot Game Jackpot

Slot gambling has been consistently increasing in popularity since the very start of the slots industry back in the late 1800s, where an innovative Californian called Charles D. Fey first devised the slots blueprint that has brought so much success over the years. His design immediately took off in the US, however, due to the illegality of gambling at the time it would take a little while before slot gambling was officially accepted.

In the hundred or so years since this happened, the slots journey has been nothing short of stupendous, with countless technological advances all paving the way for an exceptionally dominant modern gambling industry.

One of the main reasons why gamblers love popular titles that players love include the jackpots, but how likely really is it to win the next slot game jackpot? Keep reading for an exploration into the chances of winning a slot game jackpot. 

History of slot game jackpots

Far too many people just jump straight into the world of slot game jackpots without really appreciating the history, which is all well and good, however slot game jackpot history can be really interesting. For that reason we’ll just give a brief history here, who knows, you might learn something new and exciting!

The reason why Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell machine that we mentioned previously was so exciting was because it was the first slot game to actually pay out money, with all the previous rudimentary versions having a free drink at the bar instead. As soon as the Liberty Bell popularised money jackpots slot game jackpots have got bigger and bigger, attracting more and more gamblers in the process. 

What are the overall chances of winning the next slot game jackpot?

So, that’s the history of slot game jackpots out of the way, what we bet you are all wondering now is what the overall chance of winning the next slot game jackpot is. Well, one thing to remember here is that there are different types of slot game jackpots that gamblers can win, and each one has a slightly different probability too.

In any case, there are some solid ways to work out the overall chance of winning the next slot game jackpot, and one of the main techniques that gambling professionals use is with RTP. This stands for Return To Player, and is usually around the 96% mark on slots, which means that gamblers will be likely to win around 96% of their wager. 

Different slot game jackpots and your chances of winning them

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few different slot game jackpots to actually consider when it comes to working out your chances of winning them. On most modern online slots the jackpot will come in the form of a multiplier, and for these games the RTP is usually a reliable indicator of how likely it is you’ll win the slot game jackpot.

On the other hand are progressive jackpot online slots, games where the jackpot increases by a small amount with each loss. The odds of winning these a lot smaller, however if you do the prizes are often gargantuan!

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