Challenges Faced with Developing COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

Challenges Faced with Developing COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

Nations worldwide are developing web apps to trace people who have been infected with the Covid-19 virus. The biggest challenge that experts in web application development face are that they are unsure whether one is infected with the virus or not. One needs to wait for at least 14 to 20 days to be sure of the infection. The contact tracing applications or coronavirus means that people interact with their mobiles with Bluetooth to ascertain whether they have been infected with the virus or not.

Web Application Development, and how does it work for Covid-19 contact tracing apps

If a person tests positive for coronavirus and gets marked into the system, it permits the government to trace users who are carriers of the virus with time-stamps. Records of their movements are given to healthcare professionals. Other users are informed that the infected person is nearby and advises users to self-isolate. These apps have one common goal, and that is to break the human chain for the virus.

Custom software development and the challenges faced while creating COVID-19 tracing apps

Though the idea of creating apps for tracing people infected with the coronavirus is a positive step, custom software development companies face the following challenges especially when it comes to their implementation:

  1. The app can only be useful if it used by everyone in the community. Unfortunately, not everyone uses such tracing or tracking apps. On average, if a minimum of 60% of the population of a nation uses such an app, it can be useful in breaking the chain of human transmission of the virus.
  2. Next, there is a big question as to whether such an app should be mandatory or voluntary for citizens. This step needs to be decided by the government.
  3. Most users do not want to install such a tracing app on their mobile devices as they believe their privacy will be invaded, and sensitive data is shared with unauthorized third parties.
  4. There is a clash between IT managers and employees when it comes to the functionalities of the app. The former wants more control of the apps and devices, while employees believe that apps for the consumer are more effective.
  5. Citizens are scared of being tracked by legal and government officials. As a result, they refuse to install such an app.
  6. There are challenges when it comes to spreading correct awareness of how the virus spreads and the latest education about the social objectives of the app.

Make the app useful with custom chatbot development

Custom chatbot development infuses the power of artificial intelligence to provide information to the end-user. The coronavirus outbreak has data coming in from across the world. This data is collected and entered into an intelligent system that helps users and healthcare officials to get insights. Combining artificial with healthcare gives you the following advantages:

  • Identifying the next outbreak of the coronavirus.
  • Accelerate the discovery of drugs to fight the virus.
  • Robots and drones can help healthcare staff.
  • Chatbots can share accurate data about the coronavirus outbreak.

The need for a coronavirus contact tracing app

To combat the spread of the virus, the use of a digital app is crucial. They are not created to offer the end-user a risk score based on AI-empowered data assessments. They notify users of how safe the location they visit is. This data helps people to break the human chain when it comes to the transmission of the coronavirus.

Experts in web application developmentĀ agree there are several challenges when it comes to creating a useful coronavirus contact tracking app. The need of the day is to spread awareness on why such apps can combat coronavirus and can break the chain.

Again, there is an element of trust involved, especially when it comes to accepting such apps for public welfare and protection against the coronavirus.

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