CBD Gummies A Dosage Guide

CBD Gummies: A Dosage Guide

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC or marijuana, CBD doesn’t create an extreme sense of euphoria or a “high.” Instead, many CBD users find it helpful for reducing nerve pain, stopping negative thoughts spinning in their heads, and helping them fall asleep.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are a type of edible candy that contains CBD. Because there’s a risk of taking too much CBD if you’re not aware of the CBD content, it’s strongly suggested that you stash your CBD gummies in the refrigerator away from children.

A CBD gummy is the slowest method of CBD delivery to your nervous system. If you are just starting with CBD, make sure you allow your body time to digest the gummy before you begin to monitor your results or you risk taking too much. While an overdose is not a serious concern, too much CBD can cause diarrhea and may cause your stomach to become upset.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take?

Check the milligrams of CBD in each gummy and try to stay under 1 mg per 10 pounds of body weight. You can safely bump up your dosage to 6 mg per pound of body weight before you risk digestive distress.

CBD Dosage Chart for Gummies

As mentioned above, you may want to start with a small dose and track your results. A mild dose may make it possible to shut down creeping negative thoughts but not make you sleepy. A larger dose may make you very sleepy an hour after taking it, but the dosage may not last as long as you need it. Keeping your results in a chart will allow you to figure out the right amount for you.

Factors That Determine The Serving Size And CBD Oil Dosage

When you think you’re ready for a stronger dose, make sure you are safely at home so you can get to bed when necessary. If you take a strong dose and don’t get as sleepy as needed, you may want to kickstart your dose with an oil under the tongue, along with your gummy. The oil will spring into action almost immediately, and the gummy will kick in within two hours.

CBD Dosage Calculation

Before you start using CBD, it’s a good idea to consider your ultimate health goals carefully. If you need help with minor nerve pain, it may be best to take a smaller gummy dose with a fairly high-fat food product, such as nut butter, cheese, or meat.

According to cbdMD, the CBD in gummies will absorb more slowly and give you support over an extended period. If you need a bigger dosage before bed, you may want to wait for an hour after dinner and take a bigger dose to help you fall asleep. When reviewing CBD gummies for sale keep an eye on the milligrams of CBD per gummy for best results.

CBD use is a very personal thing. What makes one person sleepy may have no impact on another, even if you are of similar body weight. Keep a diary or journal and track your gummy dosage, the effect after an hour or so, and manage your dosage from there onwards.

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