Cat Breed Guide-The Best Food to Put in Their Plates

Cat Breed Guide: The Best Food to Put in Their Plate

There are two kinds of pet owners when it comes to choosing food to give your pet. Ones that are pesky and pedantic about what they feed their pets, and the others who follow what everyone else is doing without giving it much thought. Can you guess which one has a healthier pet?

That’s right – the pedantic pet owner, because they want to put their dogs and cats on a proper meal plan or diet so they stay healthier for longer as opposed to feeding them junk in a packet or a can because it looks pretty and has appealing branding.

Not many people know what junk is included inside of the ingredients in our feline’s foods. Substances such as arsenic, roadkill, artificial colorants, pesticides, and various other chemicals present in those pretty packages, will do more harm than good to any animal and the worst part is there are intentional substances in them that make these foods addictive so your cat keeps eating it no matter what, which leads to an assortment of health issues including obesity.

If you are tired of all those visits to the vet to get your cat’s health checked out because he is not feeling well, throw out all that junk you buy from the pets tore and opt for more nutritious and organic dietary requirements such as CBD for cats and treats or chews that will keep them full and aid their well-being, more about this can be found online.

Below we look at how to go about giving your kitten the best life, by changing his diet to a more useful one.

The Right Diet for Your Cat

One of the main things you can do for your kitten to keep him happy and healthy is giving him a proper diet rich in nutritious and healthy food. Anything from skin diseases, to weight issues and heart diseases, can all be curbed just by feeding it the right stuff, and we’re here to show you what this ‘right stuff’ is.

Healthy Foods to Give My Cat

Moggies are carnivores by nature which means they are naturally meat-eaters. Depriving them of this is not a good idea. Although if you are planning on raising a vegetarian cat, you may want to supplement its diet with some extra vitamins and minerals that will make up for the lack in the little guys body.

According to Pet MD, there are a few different types of vitamins you can give them.


Probiotics, are one of the most important dietary requirements for humans for their gut, weight, immune function, skin, and more. Soil probiotics are especially helpful: Pets need this too. These are the ‘good’ bacteria and help them with their digestive health which keeps them healthy and away from any weight issues.

Essential fatty Acids

If you want your kittens’ fur to be shiny and healthy, omega 3 and 6 are the right essential fatty acids to supplement their diets with. These also help protect their eyes, joints, brains, and liver. Plus, it also boosts their health, just like when humans take them.

General Minerals and Vitamins

Even though the right food will contain the necessary vitamins and minerals, sometimes, especially in a vegetarian mouser, adding a little extra won’t cause any harm.

Cat Supplements

These are specifically prepared for our pets and have everything already included in them. Both the right types, as well as the right quantities depending on the age of the feline, are included and less of a hassle as opposed to buying separate bottles of items for them.

These bottles usually have complemented a healthy diet and should never be given to them as a meal replacement. Make sure that before you buy these types of supplements or additives, consult your vet as there is a big difference between ‘supplements’ which add to existing foods and act as a holistic alternative to well-being, and ‘nutraceuticals’, which are used to treat any ailment or disease and are a combination of ‘pharmaceutical’ and ‘nutrient’ products.

Besides the above, the meals that you should be giving your kitten should also be of the highest quality and variety.

Healthy Foods to Give My Cat

We can give our pets our human food, however, there is a thin line between what is allowed and what isn’t. to play it safe always stick to foods that are made for them. Having a variety of foods is always the best option to go with, and much like how we need to eat an umbrella diet, so do our furry friends.


One of the fundamental things to give them, as mentioned above they are carnivores, is meat. The protein from bones, cooked beef, cooked chicken, and turkey gives them beneficial protein which in turn helps strengthen their bones, vision, and heart. Never give them raw meat.


The good old fish is mandatory. Cats love salmon, but if that’s too expensive for you, opt for cooked or canned tuna and fish that have high levels of omega -3 fatty acids. Fish is good for their arthritis, and kidneys.

Whole Grains

Another good source of protein, things such as polenta or corn can be beneficial for them and aid in their digestion as well.


Yes, you can give them eggs too, but only the cooked kind. Just like the cooked meat, never give them raw eggs either, make sure you cook it. The best is scrambled eggs mixed with a bit of tuna or meat.


Lots of veggies can complete that umbrella diet perfectly! Try giving them fresh vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, cantaloupe, or cucumbers. Steam these for them. Do not give them garlic or onions.

Taking the above advice to heed will keep your furry companion (and you) happy and healthy throughout their lifetime!

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