Build an E-Commerce Applications with The Best Online Store Builder

Build an E-Commerce Applications with The Best Online Store Builder

Build an e-Commerce application with the most dynamic selling, review, order tracking, and checkout flows with the ideal Online Store Builder named Sellacious. It is the ultimate online store builder, helps you create not only a single store but multi-store e-Commerce applications with a single point of operation. There are more than 5000 eCommerce features available readily by Sellacious let you form a niche, multivendor, b2b, b2c, or c2c online marketplace without any hassle. Moreover, since the source code is an absolutely open-source, you as a store owner could tweak into the core code and build custom plugins for your store. In case, you need technical assistance, the core team of Sellacious is 24×7 available to hear you out and get the custom requirements fulfilled at minimalistic cost.

With Sellacious, you get assured of not getting overcharged for the resources not underutilization. With Sellacious provided hosting and domain, you pay only for what you use. You as a store owner could scale the eCommerce features as much as you want. Not only this, but the platform also lets you upload as many products as you could, create variants, subcategories and categories without any upper limit and extra charges, unlike BigCommerce and Shopify. In fact, in the multi-vendor store, an admin could levy their vendors to let them create their own storefront in a match with the template of the main store and let them showcase what they got. In multi-vendor marketplace, the admin or the store owner lets their vendors create their own shipping, tax imposition, coupons, and discount rules. Rules could be varied based on various factors like product quantity, cart size, geolocation, manufacturer, and much more.

With the easy to use drag-and-drop empowered template editor you as a store owner/admin could modify the storefront or the complete template without any technical knowledge. The eCommerce features could be enabled or disabled with the switches and their overall impact could be traced from the preview mode without actually making those changes on the live site. With Sellacious, you get complete liberty to enable more than 65 payment options which helps a store owner retrieve payment from customers across the globe. With provision to translate in every internationally recognized language, you could let the buyers see the product prices and description in their native language and hence the conversion rate automatically increases. With this platform it is guaranteed that the cart abandonment rate would decrease gradually. With the Stripe Connect, you as an owner of the multivendor marketplace could easily payout to the vendors and refunds could be initiated and done successfully without any hassle.

With detailed transaction reports, you could get a bird’s eye view of which vendor or what product is fetching the maximum profit or is in the most demand. This could really help you keep that product in stock readily available for sale. You could alert the default seller when a product is replenishing in the stock. With inventory management systems a store owner and vendors could keep their products in stock before they get exhausted by mentioning the alarm when that product reaches an exhaustion limit.

Sometimes it becomes really cumbersome for a vendor to enroll themselves with a marketplace and start getting shared benefits. Multi-vendor shopping cart software should be capable of enrolling any number of vendors that too without any hassle. They should be able to sign up and start selling their products in no time else they may get reluctant in creating their store under your umbrella.

With Sellacious, you overcome all such hurdles and can create your own store in just 15 minutes. With our platform, the store owner can easily manage the vendors and their products while getting the commission on every sale by them. With Sellacious, you as a store owner could implement certain strategies to get the Omnichannel eCommerce embedded. For example, let say, capture data, track conversions, and target messaging through SMS and email campaigns. The focus could be put on user experience and customer experiences while completing shopping and delivery transactions. Automation could be implemented at every step and in order to save your sanity. Integrations are available to allocate the application user with appropriate resources. These are just a glimpse. There is much more to discover when using Sellacious. We also provide 24×7 customer support to all of our customers. Free consultations and call to action in order to grow your catalog, target audience, eCommerce sales exponentially with Sellacious.

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