Branded & Private Labels What Is The Difference

Branded & Private Labels: What Is The Difference?

When we talk about brands and private labels, it is important to know the difference. A brand is defined as an established and prominent product. A private label product is one that is produced by a third party but is sold under its own brand name. Other differences between branded and private labels include the following:

  • Branded products are marketed via specific product characteristics, while private label products are sold without any branding.
  • Brands profit through the margin revenue of their products, while private label products receive profit by selling manufactured goods to other companies.
  • While brands often sell as a B2C business or a B2B business, private label companies work with other businesses only.

Most consumer product categories include both private and branded label lines. Here is a list of sectors where private labeling is more common:

  • Food and beverages. Many grocery stores sell sauces, condiments, snacks, etc. with their own branding.
  • Clothing. Clothing stores often have their own collections alongside branded alternatives.
  • Grooming and personal care. Salons and hairdressers often sell private label products, including shampoos, nail polish, and others.
  • Food and accessories for pets. Many pet stores sell food, accessories, and toys with their own unique branding.

What Are The Benefits Of Private Labels?

Private labeling is common in many industries and niches because it is beneficial for retailers. Here are the main benefits of private labeling:

Control Over Production

The retailer provides the manufacturer with all the details regarding a private label product. Retailers define components or ingredients, insist upon certain characteristics, and even define the shape and color of a product.

Control Over Pricing

With private labeling, retailers are responsible for the entire supply chain. They control production costs and try to receive the most affordable prices.

Control Over Branding

Unlike branded products that develop loyalty to the manufacturers of certain items, private label products use their own unique packaging in order to bear your own unique name and promote your branding.

The Examples Of Private Label Brands

Many private label brands do not advertise their products, but there are some brands that you probably know:

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is known as a store where most items and goods are private-labeled. There are certain products that can be found at Trader Joe’s only. As a result, customers become more loyal to┬ácertain goods that they cannot buy somewhere else.

Amazon Basics

There are many private labels that Amazon operates, and Amazon Basics is one of them. Amazon basics sell various items at a very cheap price point. Originally, the brand focused on inexpensive and small products.

Kirkland Signature

It is a Costco house brand that is considered today one of the most famous private brands in the world. Kirkland was introduced by Costco as a private brand in 1992, and the name was derived from one of Costco’s locations in Kirkland, Washington.


You may not know, but Morphe got its start as an exclusive cosmetic private label brand. All of Morphe’s products were made by creators who sold similar products to other brands.

Stone & Beam

It is another Amazon private label that sells various home and furniture goods, including kitchenware, rugs, chairs, and others. This brand is focused on the middle-class family consumer who is not interested in cheaper stuff sold by Amazon Basics.

What Private Label Products Are Best Sold In 2022?

If you are thinking of creating your own private label product, here is a list of products that are best sold in 2022:


If you are interested in the electronic market, it is better to focus on a certain product. The most popular electronic label products in 2022 include USB gadgets, wireless earphones, portable mini drones, and charging stations.


It is better to start with one small product and work your way up. In 2022, the bestselling clothing private label products are maternity clothes, sports clothes (shorts, pants, shirts, etc.), and smart clothing (for example, T-shirts that measure heart rate).

Outdoor equipment

Outdoor activities are very popular, so outdoor and camping equipment is a smart choice for private-label branding. You should consider such products as sleeping bags, first aid kits, tents, and knives.


Cosmetic products are always popular, and the items that you should start your business with include all-natural face masks, organic shampoos and conditioners, organic soaps, and others.

Home decor

If you are a talented interior designer, a home decor private brand is what you may want to consider. The most popular home decor products in 2022 include curtains, pillows, artificial flowers, picture frames, sculptures and statues, carpets, vases, and candles.

Develop Your Quality Product Label

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