Boost Work Productivity Use These 5 Web-Based File Tools of GogoPDF

Boost Work Productivity: Use These 5 Web-Based File Tools of GogoPDF

Today, most companies have embraced paperless transactions for convenience and a simple way of helping our mother nature. Hence, you might seldom find an office desk with a stack of folders and papers on top of it. It’s because everything becomes digital. However, these digital files can still be a challenge to everyone, especially when you deal with tons of them in your computer file drive. 

Even with how advanced the technology is, some people still may find it difficult to manage and organize electronic files when there’s no reliable computer software at hand.

It’s not a computer software that you need to download and install, but these are web-based file tools that you can find on the official website of GogoPDF. Therefore, check the list of these tools below and see each potential to boost your productivity at work. 

Online File Converter

First on the list is the online file converter that allows you to transform your existing files into another file format. If you wish to have a fixed and reliable file version of Excel spreadsheets, you can use its Excel to PDF converter online for free. You can also do that with Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, and vice versa.  

If you have JPG and HTML files, you can also convert them to PDF in the most convenient way. For long-term PDF file keeping, you can always convert your PDF files to PDF/A format to preserve the same quality even after many years of strong them in your file drive. For more available file conversions, you can always visit the official website of GogoPDF. 

Online PDF Merger Tool

When it comes to an effective PDF file organization, you can use this second file tool of GogoPDF, and that’s the online PDF merger tool. It allows you to effectively organize your PDFs in your computer drive by combining two or more PDFs in a single PDF file. Using this tool, you can quickly and conveniently merge multiple PDF files that you commonly use to do the same job or complete similar tasks. 

Hence, the PDF merger tool will help you classify your PDF files according to the same and effective category. For example, you can merge PDFs from the same company department or combine those with the same creation date. You may use a particular merging strategy that you think will work best for you. 

The purpose of this online tool is to avoid having cluttered computer folders. By doing so, you’ll always find it easy to locate and retrieve whatever PDF file you might need for your existing task or project. Therefore, the PDF merger of GogoPDF will give you so much help in applying an effective PDF file organization. 

PDF Password Protection Kit

This third on the list is one of the most common file tools that most PDF users utilize for their files. It’s the PDF password protection kit of GogoPDF that you can use absolutely free. Suppose your PDF files contain valuable information and sensitive data. In that case, you’ll need this particular tool because it lets you set up a personalized and secure password to protect your PDF files from any instances of unwanted access and use.

PDF Unlock Tool

If the previous tool is to add a secure password to your PDF files, this next one is to remove the encryption. If you have passworded PDF files that don’t contain any sensitive information, there might be no problem if you remove it instead. 

The benefit you’ll get from it is that you can easily access and open the file many times without worrying about putting a wrong password or giving extra time in keying it in. Hence, this is also an important file tool of GogoPDF that you might need in the future when you decide to make your PDF files password-free. 

eSign PDF Tool Online

Most company-related documents that you commonly deal with in the office usually contain signatures for credibility, validity, and authenticity purposes. However, if it’s in PDF format, it would be difficult to add signatures to them. 

Nothing to worry about it! GogoPDF’s set of file tools include the eSign PDF tool online that allows you to write your signature electronically. Hence, there’s no need for any pen. Just grab the computer mouse or use the touchpad to input the signature needed for the documents manually. 


Dealing with tons of electronic company-related files at work seems to be a challenging job. However, the online tools of GogoPDF above will surely make your task a piece of cake. Therefore, whenever you encounter some struggles with your file management and organization at work, always visit the GogoPDF website and check the tool you need. While you’re getting used to it, you’ll consequently and surely boost your productivity at work.

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