Biggest Bingo Rewards in History

When people tend to think of huge gambling jackpot wins, it is usually as a result of an expertly played poker match in a tournament, or indeed a particularly lucky spin on a game like the world famous Las Vegas progressive jackpot Megabucks slots that can be found in the Nevada gambling mecca. One thing not many people tend to associate with huge jackpot wins is bingo, however it does happen!

In fact, bingo can be a regular provider of huge jackpot wins, and the good thing about it is there is also fairly minimal skill involved, with the outcome to games riding mainly on chance, as is also the case with slots – learn more. Regardless, there have been several high profile bingo winners in the last few decades alone, testimony to the fantastic nature of the game. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest bingo rewards in history, shall we?

Christine Bradfield

In 2008 a woman called Christine Bradfield from Bargoed, Caerphilly had a particularly pleasant stoke of luck whilst playing bingo at The Castle Club in Tydfil, something that ended up paying her a whooping £1.1 million. This was briefly the largest UK bingo jackpot ever awarded in the UK, and it is fair to say that it completely changed Christine Bradfield’s life for the better…

Or did it? Obviously Christine was incredibly happy with her win, and it also meant that any financial troubles the 53-year-old mother might have had were also now non-existent. But she was, and still is, determined that it wouldn’t change her too much, and she even continued working part-time at the garage she had worked at before. Talk about staying humble!

Soraya Lowell

You may remember that we said that Christine Bradfield was briefly the recipient of the largest ever bingo jackpot back in 2008, and the reason for it being so brief was because a woman called Soraya Lowell from South Lanarshire in Scotland ended up winning a £1.2 million jackpot just a month later!

Can you imagine the surprise on the 38 year-old’s face when she was told of her huge win? It must have been a huge shock, and in testimony to Soraya Lowell’s beautiful nature she immediately split the winnings with her neighbour and long term bingo partner Agnes O’Neil.

John Orchard

The beautiful thing about gambling games like bingo is that you can win a truly stupendous amount of money from something as small as a quid, or sometimes even smaller. Seriously, just ask John Orchard, a 60-year-old man who spent most of his life working in a factory, before semi-retiring and swapping jobs to help people in his local Job Centre in Lincolnshire.

For some reason in December 2012 John Orchard decided to play online bingo for the first time in his life, deciding to play it safe with a simple 30p wager. To his monumental shock he ended up winning £5.9 million – an absolutely mental win that enabled him to retire and live the rest of his life happily with his wife.

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