Best Treks to do in Himalayas

Best Treks to do in Himalayas

Frozen River Trek

Chadar Trek is called the Frozen River trek. To cover the Chadar Trek one must stay at Leh for 3 days and do the following necessities which includes medical tests like SPO2, BP and other ailments if any. Every trekker must pass this test before attempting the Chadar Trek or the Frozen River trek. Then next to reach the valley along the rivers such as river Indus and river Zanskar. As the Chadar Trek is the most difficult one so the Indian rescue team organises the best help and all time the helicopters are going with the trekkers.

Manaslu Circuit

The amazing diverse Manaslu Circuit trek takes around two weeks which starts at a low altitude and hiking uphill up to 5106 m over the Larke Pass.

The scenic beauty of this trek is spectacular and breathtaking which includes lush green grasslands with rice fields covering, numerous forests and waterfalls, not only these the snow covered mountains with white clouds in between and the glistening streams and the starkly Larke La Pass. Along the way to the trek one can visit different monasteries which are situated in the villages of the Tibetan culture.

Har ki dun:

Har ki Dun catchment area is a major source of the largest tributary of Yamuna. It is a lovely view and walk to the Har ki Dun valley with fascinating views of the Swargarohini group of peaks. There are many villages like Seema village which are situated on the side of garhwal peaks.

The trekking route towards Har ki Dun Trek is quite steep and dangerous because it is a narrow route. There’s a mountain which completely covers the sun with its peak and below the mountain there flows the Supin river which is followed by the Taluka river.

Most of the rivers flow from glaciers so it is quite cold. The valleys are also quite beautiful. The villages in Har ki Dun today also follow all traditional ways of making food and other essentials like traditional ways of watermills which are collected from natural water from the rivers. 

Sandakphu trek

Sandakphu Trek is the highest point of West Bengal at an altitude of 3636 metre. The Sandakphu Trek is an easy moderate trek and rated as among of the easiest treks throughout the year. The Sandakphu trek is a winter trek and also it has many serious and unexpected challenges in it. During the winter season nearly in the month of February one can experience snowfall in the Sandakphu trek.

In 2020 the Sandakphu trek received the highest snowfall in 10 years. Sandakphu trek begins from Sandakphu village which comes in West Bengal or Indo-Nepal Border. This place is famous for Sandakphu trek and beautiful land rover safari. One can trek to Sandakphu from Manebhanjan and the total distance is about 32 kms. At Sandakphu the weather remains extremely clear and one can watch breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga from its base with snow covering all its sister peaks and also Mt Everest farther away whose view can easily make anyone speechless.

The total distance between Mirik to Sandakphu is 70 km and it would take 2 to 3 hours of travelling. Before reaching Sandakphu from Mirik you have to change the car in Manebhanjyang which is 26 km from Mirik and would take approximately 1 hour. From Manebhanjyang you can hire a Land Rover to reach Sandakphu. Then from the route of Pashupati market you have to go further. Once you reach Simana village there is the famous Simana viewpoint whose view is just amazing with beautiful pine trees and snow capped mountains between the clouds.

Tarsar marsar trek

We all want to see Tarsar Marsar when all the lakes are blue, grasses are green and the flowers are blooming everywhere and a few patches of snow. Moreover, we can say that Kashmir is at its best. The best time to visit Tarsar Marsar trek in Kashmir is in July, August, September as it is a monsoon trek.

Kashmir mostly lies in the rain shadow region of a country so doesn’t reach that climate to hamper the trek. July is the month when this trek has few patches of snow which is marvellous. August is the month in which this trek has mesmerising flowers everywhere. And September is the month when the grass turns a little brown and the weather remains extremely clear. Accordingly, one can experience the Milky Way at night.

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