Best Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Best Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful, but they might find it impossible with a lot of acne. So, in order to get clear skin, you must remove acne and its scars. But who can get acne scars? Why do they occur? Acne scars are caused when a person squeezes or picks acne.

Some of the acne scars can occur due to red and swollen acne. But remember, genetics plays a huge role as well. So, if you want a proper acne scar treatment, you must look for certain therapies. After all, it is best to eliminate excessive scarring. When it comes to the occurrence of acne scars, too little and too much collagen in the body can lead to scarring.

Generally, Asians, African-Americans, and Hispanics develop a raised scar since the body produces a lot of collagen to heal the skin. Although many try various home remedies and other options to prevent scarring, some people continue to scar.

That’s when you really require laser treatment. But many hesitate with this kind of treatment. If you are concerned about it, you can consult the doctor. Plus, this article will allow you to understand which laser and light treatments are effective and the best for acne and acne scars.

What is the perfect acne treatment?

The perfect acne treatment is laser and light therapy. It is an effective treatment method in treating scars. When you add laser treatment to your plan, you can ensure clean and clear skin for several years. You must consult your dermatologist or healthcare provider if you are suitable for the treatment.

According to various studies, laser and light treatments can aid in reducing acne. Apart from the laser treatment, your dermatologist might also prescribe some medications or ointment for your skin. You can ensure that it will provide the best results and give you clearer-looking skin.

You will be amazed at your appearance. For some people, multiple treatments are recommended for better results. After all, the results can differ for each person. According to studies, some patients can notice clearer skin after several weeks of laser treatment.

Additionally, by the end of week 4, a patient treated with photodynamic light therapy (a type of light therapy) had 50 percent fewer spots. A seventy-two percent reduction was noticed after twelve weeks of treatment.

It is a must to follow the instructions of the dermatologist after and before the treatment. You must avoid sunlight for approximately 48 hours after the photodynamic treatment. To prevent new breakouts, your dermatologists will recommend some tips for clean and clear skin.

What are the types of lasers and lights to treat acne scars?

When it comes to acne scars, devices such as YAG lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, etc., are used. For a perfect acne scar treatment, you can have a look at the different laser and light therapies below.

  1. Ablative laser resurfacing: A carbon dioxide (CO2) laser or an erbium YAG is utilized for ablative laser resurfacing. The top layer of the skin where the scarring occurs is removed. For the redness of the lasers to subside, it might take approximately five days or more.
  2. Non-ablative laser resurfacing: Infrared lasers are utilized for the non-ablative laser resurfacing treatment. The heat from the lasers produces a sufficient amount of collagen and allows the cells to grow by replacing the scarred and damaged tissue.
  3. Fractionated laser treatment: Underneath your scar exists a tissue, which when stimulated by the fractionated lasers (Fraxel), will remove the cells underneath the top layer of the darkly pigmented skin. Icepick scars are treated well with this kind of laser.

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