Best Animated Explainer Video Tool for all Video Resolutions

Best Animated Explainer Video Tool for all Video Resolutions

There is no denying that video marketing comes in handy for companies who are looking to break into new market segments. You can illustrate a story using animated explainer videos, whether it’s about your product or your audience. 

You may also use videos online to deliver captivating messages that engage your audience and motivate them to take initiative. After all, let’s face it. you will feel left behind if you’re not using animated explainer videos as part of your online marketing strategy.

However, in order to get the desired outcomes, video marketing must be correctly done, and the right animated explainer video tool can help you achieve your video concepts with ease. Even better, the videos will not break the bank and may serve as lead generating assets in the long-term thanks to these softwares.

In this incredibly quick digital era, animated explainer video making in particular is finding increasing appeal, which ultimately makes it one of the most important tools in terms of your social media strategy.

As a matter of fact, there has always been scientific evidence to support this statement.  Vision takes up half of our brain’s resources and is our most dominating sense.  65 percent of individuals are visual learners, and visual information accounts for 90 percent of the information transferred to the brain.

If you are yet to be persuaded to include more animated explainer videos into your strategy, it is worth knowing that a third of users’ social media activity is related to watching videos. In addition, you can increase your video conversions to a whopping 80 percent by including a video on your landing page.

Not only are bigger companies investing in animated videos to help their businesses succeed; but smaller online businesses are also jumping on the animated video hype train to get themselves as highlighted as possible. It’s also worth mentioning that the video marketing surge was preceded by the arrival of social media, in which just photographs and words were posted on a daily basis at first. It’s now a video that’s taking over the spotlight, and animated videos are right up there in regards to creativity.

This is an area where everyone is fighting for a piece of the pie. Every other business wants to get a competitive advantage over its rivals, and the best way to do so is to establish a unique video marketing strategy that includes the diffusion of truly groundbreaking content.

As we are about to see over the course of this piece, creating animated explainer videos is a great way to spark the curiosity of potential customers and persuade them to consider purchasing your product or service.

Why you should invest in animated explainer videos for social media marketing

It is well proven that videos produce 12 times the number of shares as text and images all together. That’s a significant increase in engagement for not much additional effort.

Furthermore, certain social media platforms, such as Facebook, give more time in displaying videos that are uploaded directly rather than shared via a link. Direct uploads are auto-played on Facebook, and they may be spread more widely, attracting more attention and being seen by more users.

Here are five compelling reasons that will convince you to include animated explainer videos in your general digital marketing strategy:

Build Your Company’s Credibility

Customers will only pay for your product or service if they believe in your company. Every piece of content marketing you create should be aimed towards building trust within your company. Prospects will begin to trust you if you provide them with helpful and entertaining information, of course. Building trust, on the other hand, takes time. As a result, be patient. You don’t want to be pushing for quick sales all the time.

Acquire Online Leads

Your SEO work can be enhanced through the use of an animated explainer video. Pages featuring photographs and videos highly favored by Google. This visual content will be processed and crawled by search engines once they have been properly optimized with pertinent tags. Furthermore, videos increase the average amount of time visitors spend on your site, and this turns out to be a smart and important way to look at it.

Acquire Online Leads

Animated explainer video making is a tried and tested method of increasing conversions and revenues. Including a video to a landing page, can boost conversions by 80 percent. Both directly and indirectly, videos can therefore boost incomes. Prospects enjoy visualizing themselves experiencing the things they are considering purchasing.

Boost Brand Image

Granted, implementing an animated explainer video might not be the most straightforward marketing approach. Plans must be developed, storyboards must be validated, and videos must be edited. But videos still have a high return on investment and can help you raise awareness in regard to your brand.

Attract the Mobile Audience

Many consumers nowadays go through mobile devices to get information from social media platforms. Facebook’s video feature has been considerably upgraded, making it easier to publish and share animated explainer videos. You may reach out to your mobile device using prospects with innovative animated explainer videos. Furthermore, videos published on Facebook have the potential to go viral, resulting in a wave of leads for your company. That is something you do not want to miss!

Being mobile-friendly is indeed a strong point when it comes to implementing a video marketing strategy. Today, video content accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and is predicted to rise to 61 percent over the next couple of years. In addition, smartphones account for 40% of YouTube watch time.

How video resolutions differ depending on each social media

It is worth noting that each social media platform has its own characteristics and approaches video in a unique way. The majority prefer a widescreen format (with the exception of stories-based videos on platforms like Snapchat) and a screen resolution of around 1920×1080 pixels, but these are the only similarities.

Youtube is one of the more accommodating platforms for immersing yourself in social media video, as it is the largest social network where videos are the main way of communicating. Ones are the focus here, and you can occasionally manage to re-post your existing videos. It’s the perfect place to put up your business’ promotional videos, as well as webinars and live broadcasts.

Unlike Youtube, Facebook doesn’t show everything to everybody, but only to followers and their friends. Users are more attracted to videos related to entertainment and inspiration. They are appealing in an emotional way, such as customer stories or facts.

It is important to upload square videos there, which increase completion rates by 67% in feeds, for an additional visibility rise in people’s feeds.

For instance, the recommended video size on Facebook is 1280 x 720, but resolutions vary based on the video format. Other social media platforms work the same way, with different video formats but each network puts a priority on one of them. Snapchat may have created the video story feature, but Instagram enhanced it to make it even more popular. This concept of posting a series of photos or videos in a slideshow way has taken the domain of social media by storm.

With all these differences, it can be tough to keep track when social media networks keep releasing new video formats and update existing ones. It is quite challenging to tailor your animated explainer video to each platform’s requirements and ensure that your content has the right resolution for each one of them. 

But not if you get into the world of animated explainer videos. Vidtoon’s brand new feature allows you to choose whatever resolution you want to accommodate each social media network. Therefore, there is no need to purchase different video animation softwares for a few resolutions. For more details on how to benefit from this tool, read here.

This Social Media Resolutions feature allows you to create any video you want while automatically adapting it to any resolution.

Vidtoon keeps outdoing itself to offer the most complete possible tools for your animation explainer video-making process, by saving time and money while giving you the freedom to customize and create. And it only keeps getting better with this new feature!

dimension presets

Not many 2D animation video softwares have the access to customized resolutions depending on where you want to post your animated explainer video. Vidtoon, therefore, gives you the possibility to generate videos for any social media platform, along with predefined resolutions.

2D animation video softwares have the access to customized

The available dimensions are countless to choose from, and the process couldn’t get any simpler. You can then customize your videos through the dimensions, height, width, and much more.

At the end of the process, your animated explainer video is now compatible with any resolution you wish for!

At this point, it’s fair to say that you have the right tools to increase your internet presence. So have a go at it and use the wonderful potential of animated explainer videos to bring your business to life!

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