Benefits of Cable Tie Mounts

Benefits of Cable Tie Mounts

Cable tie mounts play an essential role in people’s lives in the 21st century. If you do not know the importance of cable ties, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, you will find out the primary advantages of using cable tie mounts at ease. What keeps you waiting? Go on and find out now!

Types of Cable Ties

There are mainly four different types of cable tie mounts available at present. You can look at the other cable tie mounts and eventually find out their benefits in your daily life. Here you go!

Nylon Cable Tie Mounts

The first type of cable tie mount is the nylon one. Nylon cable tie mounts are highly available in the market at reasonable prices everywhere. The following are the advantages of nylon cable tie mounts:

  • The first thing which every buyer looks for is stability in the cable tie wire holders. If you are one of those buyers who want the same, then the nylon cable tie mounts might be just for you as they have high stability.
  • The best thing about nylon cable tie mounts is their fire-resistant nature. Cable tie mounts can be risky in places of easy fire breakout possibilities. You can use nylon cable tie mounts with ease at places where the wires might have to go through a tremendous amount of heat. 
  • Another surprising property of nylon cable tie mount is the acid-burn resistant nature.
  • Nylon cable tie mounts are the best ones in terms of durability. The mounts are famous for their long-lasting nature and high sustainability.

Steel Cable Tie Mounts

The second most fantastic type of cable tie mount is the steel cable tie and are the most amazing ones due to their extremely sturdy body. The following benefits might enlighten you:

  • The sturdiness of the steel cable tie mounts is worth notice. They are strong enough to bear heat and pressure at the same time.
  • The steel cable tie mounts have got a high binding capacity. They are famous for their versatile use in various industries around the world. They work best in case of high voltage wiring as well as low voltage ones.
  • The mounts have got one common problem which is that of the sharp edges. There are possibilities of getting a deep cut on the skin from the sharp edges. But when you use the steel cable tie mounts, you can quickly get over this problem because the steel cable ties’ edges do not come with sharp edges.
  • Not every cable tie mount can work in the heavyweight industries of the 21st century. But the steel cable tie mounts are the only ones that are preferable for heavyweight industrial use.

The Self-Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts

The self-adhesive cable tie mounts have got the following list of benefits:

  • The self-adhesive cable tie mounts are best for high-temperature uses. Their sturdiness can deal with all the electrical wirings at high temperatures.
  • You can easily use the self-adhesive cable tie mounts at places where you cannot bore a hole to fit the mount in the wall or to the ground.
  • The adhesive base works well to hold on to the mount to the surface at ease.
  • The surface binding capacity of self-adhesive cable tie mounts are excellent.

Hook and Lock Cable Tie Mount

The last but not the minor type of cable tie mount is the hook and lock cable tie mount. It has almost the same properties as that of the previous cable tie mounts except for fixing it like a hook to the surface for binding. 

In this article, you have learned about the different types of cable tie mounts and their benefits. So, always do some research online and try to choose high-quality cable tie mounts according to your needs.

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