Beginning the Cooking Skill with Best Electric Griddle Cooks Illustrated A Quick Buying Guide for Newbie Chefs

Beginning the Cooking Skill with Best Electric Griddle Cooks Illustrated

Any cooking enthusiast knows how important a kitchen tool is that can help you save time and cook everything perfectly.

A Cooking griddle is one of the best multi-functional kitchen tools that helps save time and cook multiple meals on the same surface without creating a mess.

One of the best kind of cooking griddles is an electric cooking griddle that helps you cook anything quickly, so you can make breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea time snacks for yourself and your family easily.

You can cook eggs, bacon, steak, sandwiches and pancakes at one surface on the same surface with the help of an electric cooking griddle. This versatile kitchen appliance is capable to help you prepare everything, from breakfast to dinner in an instant matter of time.

An electrical cooking griddle can be used in home cooking, and for professional cooking as they provide you with the freedom to cook multiple meals on them so it will not be overstating it to say that a cooking griddle is a chef’s best friend and no other appliance can beat a best electric cooking griddle in the kitchen.

Why Buy an Electric Cooking Griddle

Why should I buy an electric griddle, you say? Well, we know that you have that stove that you can cook anything on but does it give you the freedom to make around 5 to 10 breakfasts at the same time? Does it come with electricity power that will allow you to cook anytime you want without having any gas outage problems ? Can they be washed easily every time after use?

Electrical griddles have easy to clean, non-stick surfaces which allow you to prepare a neat meal leaving you with a clean kitchen after use so you don’t have any mess left behind. You can even wash the grill surface to most electrical griddles after removing electric components.

Griddles are helpful to make variety of foods quickly and easily. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the surface of the griddle so that each and every food is well cooked.

You can make an all-around buffet or tea party snacks on a griddle in an instant matter of time thanks to the wide space that a griddle provides you.

When buying an electric griddle, what you should look for

There are many features you should look for, when buying a new griddle for your home. Size, quality, shape, price and thickness also matter when you are going to get a good quality gridle.

Sometimes you cook different foods on a griddle that require different heating temperature, you can look for electric griddles with temperature control options for ease of use.

There are also many designs and models available in the market that offer different set of features. But quality should be your main consideration when buying an electric griddle because it will be most efficient in kitchen and will also last for a longer period of time.

Plate surface

Most electrical griddles have surface plates made of steel, cast iron, aluminium or chrome plated steel. Griddle plates made of steel are much durable, easy to clean and stronger. They might get discoloured with time due to constant heat and cooking but this doesn’t effect the cooking quality.
The cast iron griddle is ideal for preserving taste and retaining the flavour in the food.

Aluminium surfaces are very fast in heating up and cooling down and they are perfect for occasional use and seasonal events but they are not suitable for regular use as the surface will rot.

Chrome plated steel is best for even distribution of heat throughout the surface for a thourough cooking. Chrome plated steel surface is also non stick that makes it preferable by most chefs. They are nonetheless expensive which is why most people don’t go for them.

Temperature control

Electrical griddles come with 2 types of temperature control options. It can be either manual temperature control or a thermostatic one. When buying a cooking griddle, make sure to look for temperature control system that a griddle have for your convenience.

Most chefs prefer a manual temperature control cooking griddle as it is easy to operate and comes at an affordable price. The manual controls let you adjust the temperature of the griddle according to your preference.
Thermostatic temperature control automatically sets the temperature of the griddle to set guidelines so you can cook without having to worry about the temperature. The automatic temperature setting reduces the risk of error and wastage of food.

Plate Thickness

The thickness of the surface of the griddle is an important factor for quality cooking. The thicker the plate surface, more evenly it will distribute heat throughout the surface.

Thick surface plates retain heat in the surface and prepare quality food but they also use more energy than thin plates. There are 3/8 to 1 inch thick steel plates available in the market so you can choose one from this range.
Thin plates are low cost and low quality. They wear out sooner than thick plates. They take less energy intake than thick plates but they are not very durable.


It is always advisable to do extensive research before buying a home appliance and same is applicable when going to buy an electric griddle. Read reviews and compare features to get the best product.

Electric griddles are available in many sizes from large to normal sized griddles. Large sized grilled is used for restaurants as they allow the cook to make multiple orders simultaneously.

Cooking gridles also have different energy sources. An electric griddle can have either only-electric source so you will be restricted to use electricity in the griddle. The other option comes with a backup input for gas so that if there’s a shortage of electricity, you can connect with gas without having to waste your food in the middle of cooking.

Some griddles are expensive than others. Some expensive griddles are high quality but not all of them so you need to know the features and get the reviews to get the best durable electric griddle.

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