Basic Home Maintenance Tips That Don't Take Long to Complete

Basic Home Maintenance Tips That Don’t Take Long to Complete

Do you often feel guilty about putting off your routine home cleaning and maintenance tasks? You are not alone, about 40% of all American homeowners don’t pay attention to home repair or cleaning needs right away. But this statistic shouldn’t make you feel comfortable. Attending home needs early on prevents other problems from occurring and can make completing the task faster and easier.

The problem is when you leave these routine maintenance tasks unattended, you open your home to indoor air pollutants, clogged gutters chipped paint, ugly windows, and in general, your home will start looking deteriorated. Small problems can be simple fixes when you do them now and don’t put them off until they become more complicated.

Here are a few basic home maintenance tips that can make a big difference to the way your home looks, and by performing them routinely, you can even increase the value of your home.

The Doorbell

Check the doorbell. Does it work? It may be time to replace it. Instead, look for a modern video doorbell that has added safety and can help you identify who is at the front door.

Fix Dead Outlets

Inspect all of your home outlets once a year if you find that some no longer work. Call in a certified electrician to get them fixed. Having your electrical outlets inspected once in a while will prevent home inspection issues whenever you want to resell the home.

Wash Windows

What good does it do to have beautiful glass French doors if the glass is so murky and dirty it turns the viewer off. First, wash the interior and exterior windows with water, liquid dish soap, and vinegar. Use a microfiber cloth, so you don’t leave fibers all over the windows. If you have high windows, use a sponge mop to clean them. Rinse with clean water.

Wipe windows dry with a rubber-bladed squeegee. Move the squeegee from top to bottom to get a better wipe.

Change Ceiling Fan Direction

Change the rotation of your ceiling fans twice a year: once in winter and once in summer. Changing the direction of the fan changes the way air moves in the house and effectively cools or heats the room. For example, in the summer, you want ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise and in winter clockwise. You can change the direction by moving the switch on the motor.

Clean Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans prevent moisture and smell from affecting the home so long as they are clean. If they are old or work improperly, then you risk growing mold in this area. Remove the exhaust fan covers in the bathroom and kitchen and clean them out. Regular cleaning will keep the fans working for longer.

Regrout Tiles

Every five years or so, you need to regrout or caulk between the tiles in the bathroom. Otherwise, these areas will show signs of wear. If you notice peeling or excessive mildew, it’s time to touch up the grout. If you leave it as is, people who visit will think you don’t care about your home.

Clean Exterior Siding

Clean the siding twice a year. This cleaning routine will make your home more beautiful and prolong the siding life. Clean it once in the spring and again before the snow falls. Use a power washer and nozzle but don’t apply too much pressure as this could lead to cracking or crumbling.

Touch Up Exterior Paint

Most people judge a house by its exterior look. So touch up the exterior paint when you see that the house needs it. This will make the house more beautiful but will also prevent mildew, dust, and dirt from infiltrating the home.

All in All

Keeping your home maintained can cost you a lot less than if you have to do a large maintenance project once in a while. It is really just a matter of keeping your eyes open for what needs to be done. Touching up and cleaning certain areas only takes a small amount of time and you can usually do it for less than $100. If you wait, that small repair job will end up costing thousands of dollars to repair.

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