Australian Summer Months and Holiday Destinations

Australian Summer Months and Holiday Destinations

Summer in Australia coincides with winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It begins in December and continues until February, while most of the country has the warmest weather.

Is summer the ideal vacation time in Australia for you?

Peak Travel Season During January 

Families in Australia enjoy the benefits of the summer sun and high temperatures. The sun may be more robust than usual, so bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself. With 30 second awning, you can brave the scorching sun.

January is an excellent time to visit Western Australia’s southwest, Tasmania, Victoria, Adelaide, and New South Wales.

With children’s activity programs in full swing for a holiday, there will be plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained wherever you go.

Escape the Winter Blues in December

After several months of chill, dark fall days, Queensland feels like heaven in December; you’ll be showered in the sunshine.

Temperatures may not have achieved their peak yet because it is early summer. This makes December an ideal month for outdoor activities. Make the most of the weather by hiking and exploring Australia’s national parks and landscapes.

The End of Summer in February

Summer officially ends in February, and you’ll discover plenty of locals taking advantage of sunny beach parties before fall arrives in March.

Summer comes to a close on a high note, with numerous festivals in Australia around this time. The Sydney Mardi Gras, a luxurious and vibrant celebration of Queer Pride, is a significant highlight. It’s a joyous time to visit, with thousands of party-goers lining the roads for the stunning pride parade.

Despite the high atmospheric conditions, February usually brings more rain. Pack your umbrella with a 30-second awning just in case – it can also protect you from the scorching sun if not needed for rain duty.

Summer Vacation Spots in Australia

Are you sold on the idea of a summer vacation jam-packed with activities? Here are a few suggestions for places to visit:

Gold Coast of Queensland

The Gold Coast, Queensland, is an Aussie icon known for its long sandy beaches, chill surf spots, and amusement parks like Wet’n’Wild, Sea World, and Dreamworld.

Southern Great Barrier Reef

At this period of the year, the Great Barrier Reef’s northern end is too humid for most visitors. Get your reef cure at Lady Elliot Island, Great Keppel Island, or Heron Island, where you’ll be swimming alongside gigantic manta rays and adorable baby turtles.

Tasmania, Hobart

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, is a harbour suburb with a blend of heritage charm and a modern lifestyle. This lovely city, nestled among the slopes of Mount Wellington, is known for its vibrant art and epicurean food scenes.

New South Wales and Coastal Victoria

Grab your swimsuit and head out for a summer road trip, with 30 second awning, along the coasts of New South Wales or Victoria. Start in Melbourne or Sydney and go wherever your heart desires. You’ll be rewarded with deserted beaches, quaint fishing towns, and astounding marine wildlife.

South Australia Coast

Adelaide, Mt Gambier, Kangaroo Island, and South Australia’s world-class wine regions are worthwhile additions to your summer trip itinerary. Beaches are nearby, as is wildlife-filled Kangaroo Island, which is ideal for nature lovers.

Nothing beats the ideal summer getaway. Use the above suggestions to plan your next vacation and create a list of the top must-do activities in Australia. You’ll want to go somewhere spectacular this summer, whether it’s beautiful coastal destinations, classic Australian locations, or reconnecting with nature.

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