Carpet Tiles Better for Your Home

Are Carpet Tiles Better for Your Home?

Why do people install carpets in their homes or commercial spaces? Carpets are a part of home decor that add texture and warmth to any closed space like your living room or hallway. The traditional carpets you have seen over the years are made of fabric. According to the wall size or the area you want to get covered, the carpet gets cut from a large sheet and installed on the floor.

However, traditional carpets are rapidly getting replaced with carpet tiles. Do you know how carpet tiles are unique from other options available in the market? For that, you need to check out carpet tiles supplier in your area and see the versatile options they have that you can think of installing in your house.

But before moving to that step, you should know all about carpet tiles. This article will help you with some facts, benefits, and more detail related to carpet tiles.

How different or unique are carpet tiles from traditional carpets?

Carpet tiles were introduced into the world in the mid-twentieth century and have found their space. In the past, the required carpet length was cut out of a large sheet and installed on the floor. But with time, the concept has changed, and it’s for the better. The carpet tiles are basically carpet cut in a square shape. The tiles have different layers of fiber, come back support, and the top layer with a variety of colors and designs. The individual carpet tiles can be brought together to create a fun and unique structure.

The best thing about carpet tiles is that you do not need any professional to come and install them for you. It is incredibly convenient, and anyone with basic knowledge can install carpet tiles independently.

Do you get more variations in shape and size of carpet tiles?

Yes, you certainly get a lot of variety in carpet tiles. If you prefer a square-shaped tile, you would probably find a 50X50cm dimension. However, you can find different shapes and dimensions in carpet tiles to fit unique room shapes and corridors. Square carpet tiles are most popular because of their ease of installation. But when you decide to choose smaller or bigger dimensions and shapes, you would need more skill and knowledge to place the carpet tiles.

What are the advantages of using carpet tiles?

There are several benefits to switching to carpet tiles. Below is a list of a few benefits that you should definitely take into account.

  1. Carpet tiles are super easy to install and take minimum time for maintenance. You do not have to worry about storing them or moving them from one place to another. You can call a professional to get a smooth carpet tile installation. Or you can simply watch a few videos online and install them on your own.
  2. Carpet tiles bring versatility. They come in various patterns, colors and designs that can turn a dull living room into a warm and cozy space. You can alter them in any desired shape to fit them according to your floor design.
  3. Carpet tiles are known for their longevity because they are capable of managing heavy traffic in busy corridors. They are very tight and well looped, so you don’t have to stress about frequent wear and tear. But you can contact your carpet tile supplier to get maintenance as and when required.

So, now that you have discovered carpet tiles’ strengths and advantages do you plan to invest in them shortly? Well, always remember to quickly check the quality of the product and the supplier’s reputation before you put your faith in them.

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