Are Banarasi Sarees Expensive

Are Banarasi Sarees Expensive?

Banarasi silk sarees are one of the classics, gorgeous looking, and finest sarees that you will come across. The cost of a Banarasi sarees usually depends on the intricate work of the zari and also the quality of the zari and the silk material.

So, while buying a Banarasi saree online, you will see different prices of different-looking Banarasi sarees. Basically crafted for the royals, Banarasi sarees have a rich history within their mesmerizing weaves.

In the olden times, these sarees were designed and made with real silver and gold threads and needed almost a year to complete.

However, nowadays, with the expert hands of skilled artisans and increasing demand for this product, Banarasi sarees can be accessed easily and are also very famous.

This saree is a must-have for many brides for its unique yet luxurious look. Some may confuse Banarasi sarees with the Kanjivaram sarees, but the difference between them lies in their designs and patterns.

Moreover, The roots of Banarasi sarees lie within Varanasi thus have motifs inspired by the Mughals, whereas, Kanjivaram sarees are decorated with checks, temple borders, coins, strips, or floral motifs that originated from Tamil Nadu.

The impact of the Banarasi sarees

One simply cannot ignore the relationship between an Indian bride and a uniquely designed Banarasi saree. You can get different types of Banarasi saree online, such as georgette/chiffon, linen, tussar, kora with silk and zari, tissue Banarasi and many more. However, still, the silk ones are the most popular.

Why is the Banarasi saree expensive?

The pure and elegant looking Banarasi sarees can be expensive for different reasons like:

  • sarees are among the finest and most beautiful sarees in India. These are famous for their silver or gold brocades also known as zari, fine quality silk, and also opulent embroidery.
  • The handloom of sarees is one of the hottest trends for different types of weddings and other types of grand occasions.
  • Pure sarees are made of fine quality material, especially pure silk and real silver and gold threads thus can be costly.
  • The real sarees will carry traditional motifs¬†known as¬†ambi, amru, domak and floral designs as well.
  • You will get a silk mark certificate from the Silk Mark Organization of India to prove its authenticity.

Types of Banarasi saree online

There are different types of Banarasi sarees to amaze you while buying Banarasi saree online. Some of those are:

  • Organza: These are richly and beautifully woven with different designs to attract a large number of buyers.
  • Katan: It is a plain yet gorgeous silk fabric. The katan sarees are very famous for their softness and unique texture.
  • Georgette: It is a light fabric that is woven finely with a plain and simple weave.

Besides these three, the other types of Banarasi sarees are made of Shatter, Tissue, Tussar, fabrics and you can get designs like Jangla, Cutwork, Butidar, and many more.

Several tips to properly maintain your Banarasi saree online

  • Remember to iron your saree on the lowest heat setting. You can also steam iron.
  • Always remember to dry clean your Banarasi saree instead of washing this at home.
  • Store the saree in pouches to avoid direct sunlight that may result in discoloration.
  • Never spray perfume directly on the saree. It may leave an unwanted stain.
  • Do not hang your Banarasi saree on a hanger for too long, as this may leave a permanent crease.

Therefore, you can get to see a lot of varieties while buying Banarasi saree online and mesmerize anyone.

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