An Overview To industrial ventilation Systems for Better Decision Making

Ventilation is the mechanical system by which you can remove contamination from the indoor air and bring in the fresh air from outside. The process is a prerequisite in the factories and manufacturing units where the level of indoor air pollution is anytime high. The process will help to control the undue exposure of labors to all the airborne contaminants and poisonous elements. A standard industrial ventilation system can successfully remove contaminants like dust, vapors, and fumes from the air.

Providing a healthy environment for your workers is your responsibility. So, you must be very specific about the designs of the exhaust system. It depends more on the rate of production of contaminants in the workspace. The designs of the ventilations systems differ based on the type of work for which you are going to select the model.

Principle purpose

So why do you think the industrial ventilation process is so important for the maintenance of quality indoor air? You will get to know that there are four basic purposes for installing the ventilation system in industrial areas.

  1. Arrangement for a continuous supply of fresh outdoor air.
  2. Reducing the risks of potential fire or explosion hazards.
  3. Maintaining the optimum temperature and humidity levels.
  4. Removal of dilute and airborne contaminants.

An air technology system

The process of industrial ventilation is a classification of the industrial air technology system. The system consists of a group of sub-systems that cumulatively result in the successful removal of the polluted indoor air.

  • Air conditioning systems that can control the thermal environment as well as the air quality, aid in healthy human occupancy at the site, and promote unhindered processing of work.
  • A general ventilation system will aid in the control of a particular set of indoor air parameters partially. The target level of this system will be lower than that of the air conditioning system,
  • The local ventilation system is another sub-category of industrial ventilation where you can exercise control of air particles at local zones. The system effectively captures the airborne contaminants present in a particular zone. 
  • The process of a ventilation system aims to maintain defined conditions. It will aid in maintaining a soothing ambiance inside the premise.

Types of ventilation

You can categorize the exhaust system in the industrial sites into two broad groups- general industrial ventilation and Local exhaust ventilation. The former aims to reduce the air contaminant concentration and control the heat accumulation in hot environments by diluting the contaminated air with pure outside air. The latter concentrates on capturing the contaminants right near the source of emission and exhausts these particles outside.

When to install dilution ventilation

The dilution ventilation system is effective mostly in the industries where the production of chemical contaminants pollutes the air. But the system will be effective only when

  • Chemical pollutants must not be too toxic
  • Quantity of pollutants should be moderate
  • Workers will not be performing their job near the source of the contaminant generation.
  • Uniform rate of emission.

But you must opt for the local exhaust industrial ventilation if

  • Contaminants pose a serious health risk to the workers.
  • The quantity of dust and fume production is high.
  • Elevated heating costs from the ventilation in the cold season.
  • Few emissions sources.
  • Workers stay awfully close to the emission points.


Protecting your workers from the poisonous pollutants is your duty as the owner of the industry. Otherwise, the workers may have cancer, pulmonary edema, and other such serious physical ailments and infections. Although the installation process will be quite expensive, you will be able to minimize the risks of potential hazards and accidents with its help. The air control is necessary to prevent any major accidents like leakage of poisonous gas in the air. Improvement of air quality is possible with a proper ventilation system.

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